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60% of the Russians are prone to racism

In bigger cities of Russia dark-skinned people are confronted with open racism, writes the German weekly journal Stern (read the German original http://www.stern.de/politik/ausland/index.html?id=532303&q=Russland, Russian translation at Inopressa.ru)

Even on bright day right-wing extremists attack foreigners, and passers-by look at it indifferently and dont undertake anything. ()

The situation is disastrous, comments Svetlana Gannushkina from the Moscow Bureau of Human Rights. Displays of racism increase with every new day. ()

According to surveys, 60% of all Russian have a hostile attitude towards foreigners. At that their sympathies are classified in an odd way.

Caucasians, people from the Central Asian republics, Africans and Asians are at the top of the scale of hatred. To Western Europeans, on the contrary, Russians act very kindly.

Human Rights organizations know about 300 cases of racially motivated attacks in Moscow this year alone. But in Russia these numbers prove a little. The police does not strive for covering up nationally motivated crimes.

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