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No way out

The Chechens who fled Kondopoga after the pogroms are now being evicted from the camp site near Petrozavodsk where they were evacuated to. The management of the sanatorium is demanding that the refugees return to the city in Karelia, however, according to the Echo of Moscow ", referring to one of the evacuated Chechens, the market on which they worked remains closed.

In the words of one woman: We were told today that we must go back there, that everything is calm. But we cannot return, there is nobody there for us and we are not being given any guarantees of safety. According to her, Chechens fear for their lives.

We have been left to the mercy of fate, without a kopeck to our names, and we simply do not know where to go ", - she declared. According to the woman, the main problem for the refugees now is where they are going to find a new shelter. They have no intention of returning to Kondopoga.

The disorder in Kondopoga was sparked by the murder of three Russians by Chechens which happened during a fight on the 30th of August. In the course of the following two days market stalls and shops belonging to Caucasians were set on fire, the restaurant Chaika was sacked following a brawl. Caucasians fled the city. 109 people have been detained under suspicion of participation in the pogroms and 25 people who participated in the mass disorder have been arrested. These citizens have been taken into administrative arrest.

The Office of Public Prosecutor rejects the idea that the disorder was of an interethnic character and asserts instead that events in Kondopoga have a multifaceted character ".

Source: Kasparov.ru


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