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Anti-Semitic Election Leaflets Distributed in Kaliningrad.

Kaliningrad, October 23rd. A criminal case has begun after a pre-election leaflet entitled Jewish Patriots of Russia was distributed in postal boxes of residents of the regional capital. The case is being brought under article 129 of the Russian Criminal Code. The announcement was made to Rosbalt by the regional electoral commission.

The leaflets discuss the private lives of members of the Patriots of Russia party in the regional parliament in an offensive and derogatory way. The author or authors of the leaflets are anonymous.

During the investigation undertaken by officials from the regional law-enforcement agencies three people were arrested on suspicion of distributing leaflets containing words and phrases which incite national discord and have an extremist orientation. They include the suspected ring-leader of this offence, a 36 year-old resident of Kaliningrad.

Part of the print-run has been seized, and it is currently being investigated whether a local publisher, Tavel, has any connection to the leaflets.

Source: IA Rosbalt


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