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Uzbek national stabbed to death in Eastern Moscow.

Eastern Moscow: Two unknown attackers stabbed and killed an Uzbek national, leaving 10 000 roubles the victim was carrying untouched.

Interfax, with reference to a source inside the law-enforcement agencies, reports that the attack happened on Sunday at around 18:00 next to house number 77 on Pervomaiskaya street. Two unknown persons attacked the Uzbek national and stabbed him twice in the chest. These injuries proved to be fatal.

At the scene of the crime police were able to seize two knives, two leather gloves and 10 000 roubles belonging to the victim. An investigation has been launched.

The day before, on Saturday, in the Southwestern area of the capital a group of teenagers carried out a series of attacks on people of a non-Slavic appearance. The attackers were armed with baseball bats and specially sharpened implements. In all, three people became victims of this group; one victim was fatally injured.

Following large-scale detentions in which more than 60 people were arrested, police have been able to conclude that the attacks were carried out by supporters of Spartak Moscow football club, who were celebrating their teams victory. Currently, the investigators are actively dismissing any possible nationalistic subtext to the assaults, calling the attacks on passers-by random.

Source: NEWSru.com


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