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Armenian man killed in Moscow

On October 22nd in Moscow, near Metro station Chertanovskaya, a group of youths killed 23 year-old Ovanes Airumyan, an ethnic Armenian. Those who took part in the assault left the scene of the crime. The police and ambulance service were called by passers-by, who had heard cries for help. However, the victim died before the ambulance arrived. The victim had 17 knife wounds on his body. Doctors from a nearby commercial clinic refused to help the dying man, saying that it wasnt in their profile.

On the same day, in Southwestern Moscow, a group of 14-15 year-old committed a number of assaults on passers-by of a non-Slavic appearance. One person died as a result of one of the assaults.

The investigation into the death of O.Airumyan has been put together with rest of the assaults and given over to the city prosecutors office. All those arrested are being checked.

Source: Sova Center


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