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Living Memory

September 25, 2007. A mourning requiem-meeting took place in Dubossary at a memorial to the victims of fascism, dedicated to the 66th anniversary of the mass shooting of Jews in 1941.

This is not the first year that the mourning-meeting memorial has passed along Zoya Kosmodenskaya Street. Members and leaders of the Jewish community, ghetto and concentration camp prisoners, delegations from Kishinev, Belts, Sorok, Bender and other Jewish communities as well as a large number of schoolchildren and students and representatives of local city hall.

Indifference is not present. The memorial to the victims of fascism is not only a monument to the eighteen thousand Jews who were victims of the Holocaust, but also a sorrowful memory of the war which left lasting, unhealed wounds in the families effected.

As a result, the monument is decorated with fall asters and bouquets, and Viennese townspeople and veterans of WWII visit it to honor the memory of those fallen.

In a common grave lay the remains of children, old men, men and women, whose names mostly remain unknown. People were driven away like cattle from various locations in Bessarabia, in order to arrange a bloody massacre above dug out ditches. It is often called the Moldavian Old Womans Ditch; the main place of mass shooting of Jews in the republic.

The student delegation Gilela were revisiting: the Dubossary memorial is one of the places on the list of the most important routes of Jewish youth organizations.

According to tradition at the requiem-meeting, representatives of different generations will speak at the meeting to say no to any manifestation of contemporary fascism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia.

Source: Jewish News Agency


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