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Iranian in Moscow Killed on Grounds of Racial Hatred

The procurator confirms that they have suspended a group of people suspected of the murder of a Iranian student in Moscow.

News agency RIA Novosti reports on the story with reference to Dmitry Shershakov, head of the investigatory department of the procurator for the south-west region of Russias capital.

In addition, Shershakov notes, that the consequently the main version of the crime is considered to be on the grounds of interethnic enmity.

"Suspects exist, but no one has been detained yet. At present the investigation establishes the participation of those suspected of the crime, he said.

Ahmad Reza Khorrani was attacked at seven in the evening on September 16 not far from the diplomatic residence on Dmitry Ylyanov street.

It is not known who inflicted knife wounds to the young mans heart and arteries.

According to an embassy colleague, the diplomats son died from a loss of blood at the scene of the incident after the ambulance arrived.

Teregan requested that the Russian authorities investigate this murder and punish those who are guilty.

"The Embassy of the Iranian Republic is concerned about this event and hopes that Russian officials will undertake decisive steps to catch the murderers so as to create calm and safe circumstances for the families of the Iranian diplomats, expressed the press-service of the Iranian embassy in Moscow.

A letter with suitable counsels was sent from the Embassy in the Russian Ministry of International Affairs.

Khorrani was a student of the preparatory institution of Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

Human rights activists sound the alarm.

Many Russian human rights activists are concerned about the growth in nationalistic moods in the country.

According to information given by the director of the Moscow Human Rights Bureau, Aleksandr Ford, from January to June this year, thirty-five murders of visitors and more than two hundred attacks took place.

Deputy director of the SOVA center, Galina Kozhevnikova, says that the quantity of ethnically-motivated crimes occurring in Russia is increasing twenty to thirty percent a year on average.

As human rights activists say, not one person has yet been sentenced to serious penalty for the murder of visitors.

Source: : http://news.bbc.co.uk/


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