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Website Founded by Supporters of Nationalist Idea of White Supremacy Found to Be In Full View of the FBI

The FBI is studying a website created by supporters of the nationalist idea about the racial superiority of the white race. It was not only the presence of a swastika on the sites main page that drew the attention of Special Services employees, but a list of the addresses and phone numbers of six Louisianan teenagers who were accused of assaulting a white schoolmate. There is also a request on the site to have Lynchs edict applied, a press-secretary of the agency reported to Associated Press.

Sheila Thorn, employee of the New Orleans office of the FBI, declared that the authorized persons study a site for infringement by its founders of the federal legislation. She told that "fact gathering is in the works, but has refused to open details of work of agency.

CNN first reported about the existence of the site for the first time last Friday. The main page of the site was most likely created on Thursday, when there was a protest march in the city. On the site a swastika was outlined, as well as insults of a racist sentiment and the addresses and telephone numbers of teenagers and their families, and the statement: " just in case, if someone wants to enact justice ".

According to known legal expert Ela Sharptona, some of families, whose addresses and phones were listed on the site, are "receiving threatening phone calls practically round the clock ". He has made a request to the governor Caitlin Blanco to look into the situation.

Blankos response to the press-service was that she had corresponded with lawyers and asked police to carry out a detailed investigation. Meanwhile, another legal expert, Jesse Jackson, commenting on the official answer of the press-secretary, declared: "These people require more than investigation, they require protection ". He also has added that his organization is going to contact President Bush on a post of the general public prosecutor of the USA Michael Mukasim and request that he join the investigation.

"It is a test for the ability of the Department of Justice to be the force that prevents racially-motivated and discriminatory crimes", Jackson remarked. In his opinion, federal marshals should protect the families. Meanwhile, Carolas Lurvis, the aunt of one of the accused and one of whose phone numbers is on the site, has shared that she is not afraid, in spite of receiving a significant number of calls that were either silent, or offended her to a national attribute.

Thus the dispatcher at office of the sheriff has said that despite the past several days of threatening messages, not a soul has acted.

Source: NEWSru.com


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