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Fair Russia Takes Anti-Semites, Supporters of Rogozin and Admirers of Mein Kampf

September 23, 2007. In Moscow the party list of candidates to the deputy of the State Duma was affiremed at the pre-election congress of the Fair Russia party. At least three scandalous figures appeared on the list.

The first, along Krasnoyarsk territory from Fair Russia appears the territorially-known anti-Semite Oleg Pashchenko, who in February of this year Sergei Mironov promised to kick out of the part y support. Instead of this, Pashchenko, whom the local Jewish community unsuccessfully tried to draw attention to for anti-Semitic publications, was not only not excluded from anywhere, but also became the party diplomat in the Legislative Territorial Meeting and now is included as a candidate for federal deputy. Oleg Pashchenko is fourth on the list for Krasnoyarsk region.

The second candidate who has drawn our attention is the first deputy of the Tula Provincial Duma, Vladimir Timakov. This long-standing and permanent representative of the regional department Rodina (Native Land) publishes the local xenophobic newspaper Zasechny Rubezh. Timakov for many years was a member of the Russian General National Union (RONS). Igor Artemov in December of 2006 fittingly kicked him out in connection with treachery to the organizations ideology. Further, no one excluded Timakov from Rogozins Russian Peoples Congress, even in contrast, his candidature initially was included in the list of members of the Central Committee of the organization, yet nevertheless, (like N. Kuryanovich) he later did not enter. All the same, his membership in the Russian Peoples Congress was not refuted and he publicly declared that he did not see any contradiction in the fact that he simultaneously involved in Mironovs party and in Rogozins organization. Timakov is at the top of the Tula list.

And, finally, Yuri Lopusov appears as the third number of Ivanovskiy oblast. He is one of the leaders of the youth movement Pobeda (Victory). He immediately became famous after repeatedly quoting from Hitlers Mein Kampf in an interview that advertised the movement. Said interview appeared on Fair Russias site. After a scandal broke out, the intervirews text was removed from the site. However, Lopusov does not only continue to lead the movement, but is now also included in the list of party candidates. .

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