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We have recieved the letter

Recently, surfing the internet, I found a very interesting site, www.interethnic.ru. To my regret and shame, I never had thought that such an organisation as the Center for Interethnic Cooperation existed. An organisation which not only theorectically but practically takes action to improve the difficult situation of national minorities in Russia. I read about the activities of the Center on the website with respect for sincerity of aspirations, self-sacrifice and selflessness of its employees.

But now I would like to get to the point. Among reports of meetings with international delegations, conferences all over the country, seminars etc., I found a small news article about a recent incident on the metro. If you havent read it, I will remind you. The article was about the attack of a group of young nationalists on a man, who had the misfortune to be of Caucasian appearance, ( as it turned out later, he was Armenian). If it had not been for selflessness of one brave Russian woman in contrast to the passive bystanders, the man would have been killed.



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