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A nationalism is real threat for countries of the CIS

Erevan, 15 March. The most important problem and real threat for countries of the CIS( the Commonwealth of Independent States) is the rise of nationalism. So reports the news agency - Armenian News, about this today at a meeting with journalists talked the director of the institute of ethnology and anthropology RAN, the representative of the Russian Peoples assembly on questions of tolerance, conscience and freedom. In his words, nationalism exists in many countries of the CIS, in particular in Ukraine, Belarus and in the Baltics. In 2005 in Russia 29 people were killed in race-motivated attacks. The chairman of the Peoples Chamber has said that racism in Russia is based on ethnicity. He also said that migration is seen as a very big problem though no one talks about its positive side - development of building industry, service industries, trade, increase in population. " If in earlier times migrants went to remote areas for building work now people move to find work. noted V.Tishkov, emphasizing, that "Russia was, is and will be a multiethnic country ".

Source: ARKA


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