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Jazz Festival on the Moscow River

On July 23th-24th, a jazz festival took place on the Karl Marx ferryboat on the Moscow River. Several dozens of musicians and hundreds of guests enjoyed the sunny weather and the relaxed atmosphere, as the boat drove to the picturesque Pirogovskoye Reservoir.

As the leaders of the Jewish youth organization Marom and Ashot Airapetian from The Center for Interethnic Cooperation had already thought about organizing a joint camping trip on this weekend, they decided to combine this with the jazz festival. The plan was to go to the Pirogovskoye Reservoir on the Jazz Boat and stay at the camp site until Sunday evening.

So on Friday evening the director of the CIC and three interns with huge backpacks went to the Severniy Rechnoj Vokzal to meet their colleagues from Marom there. At the port the first jazz ensemble was already performing in front of the Karl Marx, the weather was great and the boat was full of people who were ready to enjoy themselves as much as possible in the next 24 hours.

Our group found a place to sit next to one of the four little stages, everybody got a drink and started relaxing. As there were always four bands playing at a time, people were constantly moving to get to listen to everything. With a beautiful sunset in the background, we enjoyed the different styles of music and the nice atmosphere.

When the ferry arrived at the Pirogovskoye Reservoir, our group went to put up the tents (which in some cases turned out to be somewhat difficult) on the camp site next to the little landing stage. A lot of the other people did the same, or they immediately went swimming. In general, the atmosphere was extremely jolly, as well as on the boat as on the camp site. After a little snack, most of us decided to go back on the boat and listen to the next bands. The bands played until 10 oclock in the morning, so the choice was huge.

In the morning, everybody was relaxing. We had a big breakfast, chatted or just took a nap in the sun. The ship was supposed to leave for Moscow at four oclock in the afternoon. Unfortunately, shortly before this the weather looked as if there was going to be a thunderstorm, so most of the group, including us interns, went back on the boat already on Saturday. On the way back the mood was somewhat sleepier than the day before; it was noticeable, that most people hadnt slept the whole nightStill, also the trip back was very enjoyable, the weather had cleared up and again and great bands were playing, all the way back to Moscow.

According to Ashot, everything turned out to be perfect for the people who stayed, too: There was no thunderstorm at all, not even rain. The four or five people who didnt leave on Saturday afterwards had the whole camp site for themselves and enjoyed the rest of the weekend in the beautiful nature. On Sunday evening they also took a ferryboat back to Moscow.

In general, the idea to join the jazz festival with camping turned out to be a great way to spend a relaxed and fun weekend. Everybody was pleased with the outcome, and especially for us who left on Saturday it was sad that everything was over so soon.

Angela Zeilhofer and Ana Tegeltija
Interns at The Center for Interethnic Cooperation


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