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Competition: Watch out, Nazism!

Nazism, as the extreme form Nationalism again becomes real threat to the world. On all continents the intolerance and enmity on ground of national, ethnic and religious differences grows. This trouble has not bypassed also Russia.

In Russian Federation to the present moment about 50 thousand active Nazi in 85 cities. Anti-Semitism, hostility and animosities to the peoples of east, the ideas of national exclusiveness exist both on household and at a religious level.

Only in Saint Petersburg on the data prosecutors, more than ten gangs, infected by xenofobia. As a whole on the country, the victims nationalism are estimated in hundreds.

Objects of aggression become not only local inhabitants, but also our visitors, students of the Asian and African countries, tourists, children who have casually turned up Nazis the people.

Is open, not hesitating, the fascists announce, and then execute verdicts to address the ideological opponents. Almost each criminal case against Nazi comes to an end by their clearing of the responsibility, and the authorities ignore this problem.

Yes, and our society(community) is not decided(solved) to tell itself, that Nazism in Russia became a reality. In this situation a task of creative intelligency - to show the people this phenomenon.

The international exhibition Competition of the political poster and caricatures Cautiously, Nazism!

The organizers: Saint Petersburg's anti-Nazi the centre, Company " Free culture ", Museum of nonconformist art, ROU NIZ "Memorial"

Conditions of competition:

  1. Sections - poster, caricature.
  2. Fair ground - Saint Petersburg, House of the journalists, Nevsky Prospect.h.70
  3. Reception of works for selection of the participants till 01.06[June]. 2005a.
  4. Opening an exhibition, 21.06[June].2005.
  5. Press conference on problems Nazism in Russia, representation of the album - catalogue of works of the participants of an exhibition 16.07.2005.
  6. Prize-winning fund for the winners of competition

    In Section - political poster:
    1 premium 1000 $, 2 premiums on 600 $., 3 premiums 300 $, 2 prizes on 150 $.

    In Section - political caricature:
    1 premium 1000 $, 2 premiums on 600 $., 3 premiums 300 $, 2 prizes on 150 $.

  7. The works are accepted to the address: Russia,191040 Saint Petersburg, Pushkinskaia h.10 of.1 Company " Free culture " (input(entrance) with Ligovskij avenue h.53)
  8. According to the contract, on termination(ending) an exhibition political poster and political caricature are transferred in funds of a Museum of modern art, and Saint Petersburg's anti-Nazi the centre receives the right of the noncommercial publication of works of the participants of competition.
  9. Form of submission: a format of the poster A1, A2, format of a caricature - free.
  10. The catalogue of an exhibition will be sent to all participants of an exhibition
For the foreign participants and nonresident Russian authors, with which the submission of works in a natural kind is inconvenient, the transfer on electronic carriers (format - TIFF, JPG, colour is possible(probable). A mode - CMYK), with the subsequent seal of the works, selected for an exposition, organizers of an exhibition.

Information on ph. (812) 164-5371,
Fax: (812) 164-52-07

The curators of the project:
Victor Bogorad
Yuly Rybakov

Source: hro.org


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