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School to teach Migrants in Russian Language to open in Moscow

Moscow, June 20. The Moscow authorities are going to open special schools in each of the administrative districts of the capital, where migrants will get to study the Russian language. This became known at the meeting of the commission of the Moscow City Council on science and education (informed Isvestiya referring to ITAR-TASS). A one-year curriculum is planned at such schools, where children and adults may study. Children will study during the day and adults in the evenings. As was noted by the assisting director of the Department of Education Yury Goryachev, these educational establishments will be called schools of Russian language and they will become the centers of social adaptation to migrants. Not only will migrants be trained in Russian, but they will also be helped to adapt their lives to the new social conditions. More than 25 thousand migrants are in Moscow. In the opinion of capital deputies, their training will need special programs. It is planned that the first of these schools will open in Moscow in January 2007.

Source: ASI


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