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Gennady Gorbunov: The Concept of the State-formed Nation is Humiliating for Other Nations and Nationalities

The concept of the state-formed nation cannot and must not be expressed in any documents, including the state conception of national policy, the chairman of the Council of the Committee of the Federation on Agrarian Food Policy and the representative of the Council of the Federation of the state Duma of Astrakhan Oblast, Gennady Gorbunov says.

In awarding a country the title of a state-formed nation we thus humiliate other nations and nationalities within the multi-national state, said the senator in an interview with REGIONS.RU/ News of the Federation discussing the idea of the state concept of Russian national policy to an amendment containing the concept, the state-formed nation.

The Parliament is convinced of the fact that in a multiethnic state one nationality should never take precedence over another. "This practice has been with us since Soviet times and we must get rid of it, otherwise clashes on racial grounds with occur more and more often, reemphasized Gennady Gorbunov.



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