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Russian Textbook for Immigrants

Karelian experts are developing the first textbook in Russia for teaching Russian to immigrants and temporary workers.

As expressed in the Karelian Fund for the Development of Education, this will be carried out within the framework of the project Learning Russian as a Foreign Language. The part that is in most demand is the first level- for immigrants and temporary workers. If you look at the official statistics of the Federal Immigration Service, you see that there are several million potential consumers out there, a representative of the Fund said.

Also, the Karelian Fund of the Development of Education believes that there might also be a demand for the books in foreign counties. Interest in the project was already taken root in several cities In Finland along the Russian boarder.

The idea of creating such a curriculum arose when the Karelian Ministry of Education was developing a new technique of education at Finnish-speaking schools in Karelia. Until recently Finnish had only been taught in the small Finnish-speaking communities in the Karelian Republic. Through this project teaching Finnish as a foreign language has developed. This experience will be used for the preparation of the Russian textbook.

Source: Stoliza.Onego.ru


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