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They dont like us!

In Moscow a group of unknown persons attacked three citizens of Tajikistan, as announces RIA Novosti referring to a source from the Moscow Central Directorate of the Internal Affairs. The crime was committed on January 5th.

The Moscow rescue service received the notification that two Tajik citizens were harmed by stab wounds in Sadovnicheskaya street No. 80/2.

The officers of the criminal investigation department found three Tajik citizens with various bodily injuries, told the agencys reporter. Two of the victims were delivered to the emergency room of the Botkin Hospital with stab wounds. The third one was sent to City Hospital No.1.

One of the victims told the police officers that about 7 p.m. five or six unknown young people dressed with dark clothes broke into their room and started to beat them up.

Source: RIA Novosti


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