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Moscow: Jewish organization leader was attacked by Anti-Semites

The president of the Jewish organization MAGEN League was attacked by unkown person on January 14th. As IA REGNUM got to know from the organizations press service, Alexander Lakshin, the Rabbi Ruven Kuravsky and the latters wife two little brothers were on their way home from a visit at 22.40. In the pedestrian underpass under Sushchevsky Val they were followed by a group of young people (six or seven persons from about 16 to 25 years old), shouting out Anti-Semitic insults. Rabbi Kuravsky and Rabbi Lakshin each took one of the boys, separated and tried to escape.

At the exit out of the underpass the young people managed to catch Rabbi Lakshin and the one boy. As the Rabbi realized that a fight could not be avoided, he told the boy to run out on the street. Alexander Lakshin was knocked down and the young people started to beat him up, kicking him with their legs and hitting him with bottles.

The victim was delivered to the American Medical Center with injuries at his head, arms and spine and with numerous contusions and abrasions. At present the doctors define his conditions as fairly serious.

As announces the MAGEN Ligue, Anti-Semitic motives of the crime are not doubted, the more, since the same evening two hours before a young couple of religious Jews were attacked in the same underpass. In the recent past several attacks on religious Jews occurred in the district Marina Roshcha, where the Moscow Jewish Community Center is located.

Note: The MAGEN League was founded due to a decision of Jewish communities and organizations in order to withstand proselytism.



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