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Meskhetian Turks delivered werewolf police officers to the police station

On January 9th, 2005, Victoria Akhmedova from the stanitsa (Cossack settlement) Kholmskaya in the Krasnodar region appealed to the Novorossiisk Human Rights Committee. In October 2004, we wrote about an armed attack on her family, which is taking part in an emigration program to the USA. On January 8th a new episode took place.

Victoria writes in her declaration: On October 7th, 2004, a criminal attack was carried out on our family, the result of which bodily injuries were inflicted. They shot my husband, Islam, in the leg, caused numerous injuries with a rubber truncheon to the head, and we both received heavy concussions. They caused the children heavy moral and psychological trauma. After the incident, my youngest son Ruslan began to stutter. All of the children are now afraid to walk around outside after this event and are afraid to spend the night at home. We are not protected by organs of law enforcement.

On January 8th, 2005, two strangers burst in at night, introduced themselves as policemen, showing their identity cards from afar. Both appeared to be drunk. They threatened me, my husband, and our children, that they will shoot us all, that we are no longer residents, and that they will put us all in a trunk and take us away and never let us see America. The number of the identity card of one of the men was 0186654, in the name of Lebedev. Both of the men came in a silver VAZ 2109 automobile, number O887PE 23.

We are now afraid to be at home as these men have appeared and on December 9th observed our house in a red Tavria automobile with the number 457. We are afraid to stay at home even during the day, we are in hiding and spend the night with neighbors.

According to information from representative of the Meskhetian Turk community Kholmskiy Malik Karaev, two men in civilian clothes, having threatened the Akhmedov family and produced identity cards of the police, were detained and taken to the local branch of the police with the help of friends and neighbors. Despite the declaration from the Akhmedovs and many eyewitnesses, these men of the law were released to further manage the administration of justice.

Aramat Prutina
Novorossiisk Committee on Human Rights
Tel. +7-918-487-11-87

Source: hro.org


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