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Human Rights Watch: "Armenia and Azerbaijan are ruled by authoritarian regimes"

The world-wide organization Human Rights Watch has published its World Report on the infringement of Human Rights in the different regions of the world.

The Soviet Iron Curtain fell almost 15 years ago, but Human Rights Watch maintains that on a significant part of the former Soviet territory, all has remained as before. In the opinion of the Human Rights organization, Russia as a whole is under the control of Moscow alone, elections in Belarus are an absurdity, mistreatment of prisoners is the norm in Uzbekistan, and Armenia and Azerbaijan, which are continuing their conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, are ruled by authoritarian regimes.

The state of affairs concerning Human Rights in Armenia and Azerbaijan does not improve. The report states that as before, political life in Armenia is rotating around the falsified presidential elections in 2003. It mentions that president Robert Kocharian was called to resign from his post, and also that the government used force to end a protest demonstration, searched offices of organizations of the opposition, arrested opposition leaders and followers and even organized attacks on journalists.

The political life in Azerbaijan was influenced by the presidential elections in 2003, too, which were characterized by intrigues as well. Last year, as the report mentions, unfair trials were held against opposition leaders, in the course of which they were made responsible for violence following the elections.

All this happens against the background of the continuous conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh. The leaders of both countries utilized the conflict to distract their citizens from political problems of both countries, states the Human Rights Watch World Report.

Source: IA REGNUM ; read the whole report at: http://www.hrw.org/wr2k5/%20


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