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Neonazi Network Soldiers of the Fourth Reich uncovered in Ufa

In Bashkiriya a criminal case was provoked in relation with a group of skinheads who spread neonazi literature, beat up and robbed foreigners.

The Office of the Public Persecutor in the Ordzhonikidzevskiy district of Ufa examined this and is now investigating criminal cases in relation to eight members of the illegal organization Soldiers of the Fourth Reich, says Rosbalt with reference to the press secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Bashkiriya, Ruslan Sharafutdinov. The suspects - the youngest of them 14 years old, the oldest 25 - will soon face charges regarding three articles of the Russian Federations criminal code: article 282 (inciting ethnic, racial or religious hostility in the form of an organized, violent group), article 161 (robbery) and article 213 part 2 (hooliganism). All members gave a written undertaking not to leave the city.

From the material of the case it was evident that in spring 2005 the Soldiers of the Fourth Reich beat up a citizen of Angola - a fourth-year-student at the Oil Institute of Ufa - and afterwards took his money and his leather coat away from him. In addition, the members of the group carried out a series of attacks on foreign students from Vietnam and China. During one of the actions the victims friends managed to get hold of one soldier and handed him over to the militia. The arrested told prosecutors of a militia division of Ordzhonikidzevskiy district in detail about his accomplices and showed them the groups underground printing-plant. Books, leaflets and a printing press for their production were discovered in the apartment of the leader, a 25-year-old furniture-maker. In their messages the skinheads praised the white race and called on readers to fight people of other nationalities, particularly natives of the Caucasus.

During questioning the young men testified that their organization has an extensive network, which not only encompasses Bashkiriya but has subsidiaries out of the republic. One of their strategic aims was the organization of mass disturbances during events in the republic.


Source: .Ru


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