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In October the Center of Interethnic Cooperation arranged series of trainings for leaders of national associations

From October 7-9th, the seminar Police and civil society, took place in the Dmitrovskij district in the Moscow territory, in the vacation hotel Berezovaja rozha (Birchwood). Employees of the migration administration, the administration of Internal Affairs of the Moscow subway, the administration of the Passports and Visas Service of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the Moscow territory and leaders of national youth organizations of Moscow took part in the seminar. The Center for Interethnic Cooperation together with the Jewish Youth Organization Marom realized this seminar as part of the micro project, which is a component of the project National minorities and access to justice. This project was financed by the European Union and by the Global Opportunities Fund of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On October 11-12th, in Saratov, passed an educational seminar named Effective interaction of national associations and the governing institutions. In this educational seminar took part not only leaders of national associations of the Saratov territory, but also representatives of local governing institutions, employees of the Main Department of Internal Affairs and employees of the Migration, Passport and Visas Service. The educational seminar was financed by the private American Fund Mak Arturov.

On October 16-17th the Center of Interethnic Cooperation and the Krasnoyarsk organization Land of mountains - Dagestan arranged in Krasnoyarsk a seminar themed Social designing and Fundraising. This seminar was financed by the private American Fond Motta and the administration of the Krasnoyarsk area.



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