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Attack on Students from Nigeria in Vladimir

November 3rd, 2007. Several youth attacked two Nigerian citizens, students of the Polytechnic Institute, in Vladimir, near a store named Piers.

The attackers hit the Africans with bottles and insulted them on the basis of their race. One of the students was able to get away and find help. He also managed to phone the police. Five or six students from a nearby dormitory ran to the scene of the attack. During this, police arrived just in time, and the attackers fled. One of the victims was in hospital overnight, the other, luckily, did not suffer badly.

Alexei Panfilov, the Dean of the foreign students faculty, requested that the police increase their patrolling around the university and investigate the occurrence. The Ministry of Internal Affairs commented that the fight happened between two Africans, and there were no skinheads anywhere near by. The Oktyabr Regional Division of Internal Affairs (ROVD) stated that the issue of the initiated proceedings will be resolved in ten days.

On November 27th it became known that that court proceedings related to the incident at hand were nevertheless initiated- under Article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (hooliganism).

The police are certain that the Africans themselves provoked the fight with an inadequate reaction to comments made to them. As TV-6 ( Vladimir) reports, Vladimir Denisov, head of the Vladimir oblast police told the victims: There are millions of Russians, and you are guests in our country, at the most, there are thousands of you. To whom is it easier to explain; to you, that in Russia the word black is not an insult to you, or explain it to all Russians?

Liubimova, O., Chuchadeyev, B. Vladimir police: the word black is not an insult// TV-6 (Vladimir). November 27th, 2007.

Source: SOVA Center


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