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Swastika in the Stavropol Mayors Office

November 8th 2007. A flag with the fascist swastika and awards from fascist Germany were found during a search of the Stavropol mayors office.

The search was carried out in the framework of the November 26th criminal case related to the mayors exceeding the defined charter of the citys authoritys responsibility.

As Sergei Solodovnikov, first deputy to the director of the Central Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Southern Federal region of the Russian Federation told journalists, the investigation is now beyond the limits of Stavropol krai and no preventative punishment has yet been enacted against him. Shortly, Kuzmin will be summoned to give evidence to the investigation committee of the Russian procuratorship of Stavropol krai.

It should be noted that Dmitry Kuzmin is the leader of the krai division of the political party Fair Russia. He was excluded from the candidates running in the State Duma elections by request of the territorial election commission.

Source: SOVA Center


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