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Islamophobia should be Legally Equal to Racism

In a presentation which took place this week in the European centre for the monitoring of racism and xenophobia, the authors of the survey Muslims in the E.U- discrimination and islamophobia called on legislators to make islamophobia legally equal to racism. Speaking about the difficult positions of Muslims living in the E.U, the director of the centre, Biata Winkler, put forward some new suggestions for the struggle against intensifying islamophobia.

First of all the concept of islamophobia should be placed within the context of xenophobia and racism against ethnic and religious minorities. In this way, the struggle against islamophobia will assume the struggle with racism on all levels. However in order to provide Muslims with the same rights as other Europeans requires the political adherence of the leaders of E.U countries. Winkler also called upon the governments of European countries to more actively promote the development of intercultural dialogue and to encourage the participation of Muslims in public life.

Touching upon an issue that is especially sensitive in Europe, the hidjab, she noted that this problem is far more complex than it seems to most Europeans. In her opinion more and more Muslims living Europe are beginning to wear the hidjab as a protest against islamophobia and discrimination (portal-credo.ru).

Source: www.islamnews.ru


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