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Petersburg Advertises Interethnic Tolerance

Saint Petersburg 30th of September In the city on the Neva a social advertising campaign called Tolerance has been launched.

The campaign itself was begun in September, but one of its basic problems is changing the attitudes of Peterburgers to various nationalities living in the city as well as developing interethnic and multiconfessional relations.

Tolerance, the new project of social advertising was the result of a competition held by the Committee of Press and Interaction with Mass Media in 2007. The winner of the competition was a company called Poster, which presented the best strategy for an advertising campaign under the given guidelines.

The magazine Interbusiness has developed and has embodied the creative decisions of the project on interethnic tolerance. As a result, advertising campaigns have been created, which have consistently complemented each other. In the month of September the basic theme of advertising was sport. On the poster players from different backgrounds from the St.-Petersburg soccer team "Zenith pose with guys from a multinational domestic team. For Octobers theme students from the East Grammar School # 652 took part. In a photo, children are looking at an album of the city. In November the posters will be put up around the city. On top of monthly posters the city also has 40 outside advertisements. The external advertising includes clips in city buses.

The campaign will last until the end of 2007. They are planning to expand Tolerance even further to advertisers in the metro and above-ground public transport.

Source: adworker.ru


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