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The exhibition Im not a Russian, but a Rossiyanin was opened in Nizhniy Novgorod

NIZHNIY NOVGOROD, November 17th - Yesterday, on the International Day for Tolerance, the book exhibition Im not a Russian, but a Rossiyanin (rossiyanin = citizen of the Russian Federation) was opened in the concert hall Jupiter. It was organized by Dialog, the Center of Interethnic Interaction, and the Municipal Information Center for Legal Culture. As the organizers announced, the Russian Sociological Dictionary defines the word tolerantnost as indulgence towards someone elses way of life, behavior, habits, feelings, opinions, ideas and faith. Mutual respect of representatives of different nationalities and ethnic groups is of current importance for the Russian Federation, which is the homeland of more than 160 different peoples. The Exhibition consists of three sections. The section Protection of the rights of national minorities acquaints the visitor with Russian and international legislation, which was worked out to maintain the peaceful co-existence of different peoples on one and the same territory. The section Multiethnic Russia gives an impression of the cultural history and traditions of single ethnic groups (Russians, Tatars, Russian Germans and Polish, Jews, Armenians, Gipsy and Ingermanland Finns). The third section Vectors of the development of tolerance in Russia gathers books on xenophobia, intolerance and language of hatred in society and Mass Media; it also presents material on the culture of nonviolence and tolerance, the peaceful conflict resolution and the antifascist movement.

The exhibition runs until December 6th. Opening hours 11-18. Address: Oktyabrskaya pl. 1, Concert hall Jupiter, Center of Legal Culture.

Source: asi.org.ru


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