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Armenian police salaries will be increased by 40%

YEREVAN, November 19th - RIA Novosti, Hamlet Matevosyan. Wages of employees of Armenian police will be increased by 40% in 2005, reported the head of Armenian police, Aik Arutyunyan, to journalists.

According to Arutyunyan this is possible because of an increase of on-budget expenditures for the law-enforcement system by 2 billion dram (about $3,978 million) in 2005; compared to the expenses of 2004, 80% of the mentioned sum will be directed to the fund for wages of police.

The provided budget means are sufficient to solve of all problems of the law-enforcement system; however, considering the countrys economic situation, I have to express gratitude to the government for extending the expenditures, said the head of the police.

At the same time, he noted that they achieved an agreement with the government on the assignment of additional means to the police in 2005 in case of an increase in financial possibilities.

On October 29th the government of Armenia approved the state budget for 2005. The paying part of the budget came to 327 billion, 900 million dram (about 652.62 million USD); expenditures were 375 billion, 400 million dram (about 746.75 million USD), a deficit of 47 billion, 500 million (about 94.49 million USD).

For the protection of public order, the state budget provides expenditures at a rate of 15 billion, 707 millions dram (about $31.28 million), out of which in particular 11 billion, 632 million dram (about $23.17 million) will be directed to the maintenance of legal order; 2 billion 137 million dram ($4.26 million) to preservation of the penitentiary system; 1 billion, 683 million dram (about $3.35 millions) will go to expenditures on the maintenance of the subdivisions of the Department for Extraordinary Situations inside the Armenian Government.

Source: RIA "Novosti"


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