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Russian Authorities give Russians the same rights as Ukrainians

In the near future Russian citizens will get the possibility to stay in any Russian city without registration for 90 days. The Russian government is preparing to pass such an enactment, declared the head of the Federal Migration Servic Andrei Chernenko to the agency RIA Novosti.

Chernenko explained that the project was worked out in his department and for further coordination directed to interested ministries and authorities. So far every Russian citizen who is staying in any Russian city has to register him or herself at the departments for internal affairs within three days. This has given rise to unfavorable criticism, after Ukrainian citizens were allowed to stay in Russia without registration up to 90 days.

Before that Russian authorities passed an analogous bill concerning the stay of Ukrainian citizens in Russia. The corresponding law was accepted by the State Duma and the Federation Council on November 10th and signed by the Russian President on November 19th. The law foresees exemption from registration at the place of stay for Russian and Ukrainian citizens, if they dont stay on the territory of the other state for more than 90 days.

Source: Lenta.ru


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