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Meeting in Moscow For just and fair elections in the Ukraine

On November 28th followers of the Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko conducted an (improved) picket demonstration in front of the Ukrainian Embassy in Russia with the slogan For just and fair elections.

The picket was organized by the Association of Ukrainians in Russia, the Association of Ukrainians in Moscow, Russian youth Rights movements and the party Union of Right Forces. The participants of the picket (according to the organizers 300 people, mainly youth) demonstrated against the falsification of election results in the Ukraine. In their opinion the Russian authorities are interfering in internal affairs of the Ukraine. During the meeting Ukrainian folk music was played. Hot coffee and tea was distributed, also to police staff members. Members of the Georgian Diaspora and representatives of the party Yabloko with Grigory Yavlinksy at the top came to support the meeting.

A group of 20 persons with the leader of Trudovaya Rossiya (Working Russia) Viktor Anpilov at its top tried to break up the meeting, but they didnt manage to do so.


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