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News Archive 2003

News from the Center Archive
Year 2003

Trainings and seminars
  • February 11 Moscow. The seminar "Balances of the Implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities in Russia" was organized together with the Council of Europe's Department for Human Rights. Leaders of national communities representing 22 nationalities from 16 regions of Russia took part in this event.

  • February 19-20 - Nizhni Novgorod. "Teamwork for Successful Negotiations with Authorities and for the Protection of the own Rights"

  • May 24-26 - Rostov-on-Don. "Teamwork for Successful Negotiations with Authorities and for the Protection of the own Rights"

  • June 28-30 - Krasnodar- Sochi. "Teamwork for Successful Negotiations with Authorities and for the Protection of the own Right"

  • September 21-22 - Moscow. "Coordination of efforts for the Protection of Immigrants and Representatives of National Minorities"

  • November 13-14 - Perm. "Negotiations between National mmunities and Authorities. Skills in Interaction"

    At these trainings courses leaders of 63 national communities representing the interests of 34 ethnos, 9 representatives of local authorities and one representative of press and one of science a training achieved knowledge.

    14 20 August 2002 Ashot Airapetyan, the director of the Center, and Zoltan Pamer, the Centers volunteer from Hungary, made a training course on behavior in conflict situations for the participants of the festival of national children groups Shirekrug in the Samara region.

    Press Conferences

  • "How to resist neo-nazis?", Press Development Institute, 21 March 2002
    "On this day, the 21st of March, the International Day Against Racism and Xenophobia is celebrated worldwide. Unfortunately, racist attitudes have abruptly spread in Russia during the last years. In Moscow, the center of the country, racist youth groupings constantly beat up immigrants that are people from the Caucasus, Asia and Africa."

  • "One more victory over fascism is needed", 7 May 2002
    "57 years after the victory over fascism neo-nazi groupings can act undisturbed in Russia, and open dissemination of racist propaganda via television and newspapers is usual. Law enforcement bodies in the cities of this country carry out real ethnic cleansings."

  • "Does the Law on Extremism protect us from extremists?", 14 June 2002.
    "It is unlikely worth to pin hope on the effectiveness of the Law on Extremism. There have been adapted not few laws in Russia and also before which could have been used in the fight against racists and politicians stirring up hate against immigrants and national minorities. However these laws do not work."

  • "Anti-terrorist measures must not turn into anti-Caucasian ones", Press Development Institute , 28 October 2002
    "Ethnic communities condemn all kind of terrorist acts irrespective of their motives. We also call upon the Russian president, the mayor of Moscow and other persons holding state functions, for instance the American president, to give declarations in the media admonishing the citizens not to undertake violent actions against Chechens or Caucasians. They are as well Russian citizens and must be protected by law."

  • "The Law on Foreigners is not realizable", Press Development Institute, 10 November 2002
    "The Law on Foreigners introduces a quota regime for the maximum number of foreigners working in Russia. That is in total 500.000 persons according to the quota. As the CIEC estimates, only in Moscow work two times more foreigners than the quota regime intends. This law is not realizable and acceptable as it causes a mass violation of the rights of ethnic minorities."

    In these press conferences participated leaders of ethnic communities of Moscow, journalists of prominent television and radio transmitters as well as popular news agencies and newspapers. Reports on our press-conferences were send by the televisiontransmitters Ren-TV, TVS, Moskovia, the radio stations Svoboda (Freedom), Golos Ameriki (Voice of America), Nemeckaya Volna (German Wave), Radio Rossii (Radio of Russia), the press agencies RIA-Novosti, Interfax, Agenstvo socialnoi Informatsii (Agency of Social Information), and the newspapers Izvestiya, Kommersant, etc.


  • October 2002, round table "Tolerance and Youth". At this round-table, the leaders of Moscow youth organizations Moscow and leaders of ethnic communities discussed ways to promote the idea of tolerance among the capitals youth.

  • November 2002, meeting with the Delegation of the European Commission in Russia. The topic of the meeting had been How does the Law on Foreigners influence the interethnic relations in the country. The participants, representatives of the CIEC and Moscow ethnic communities, declared that the law causes a new wave of racism in Russia. In addition, it does not only discriminate immigrants from the former Soviet Republics but also citizens of European Union and other countries.

    In 2002, an Internet-Center was established in the remises of the CIEC, composed of 5 personal computers with Internet access, a modern copier, a printer and a fax. In addition, a Network of Ethnic Association was created. So far, there are 83 ethnic communities from 21 Russian cities associated in the Network.

    Participation in international meetings:

  • May 15 - 20 2002 Irina Kropotkina took part in the training seminar "Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minority Rights" in Strasbourg, France. Minority Rights Group organized the seminar in cooperation with the Council of Europe.

  • May 19 - June 1 2002 Larissa Bitkaeva took part in the training on protection of minority rights and work of the 8th session of the UNO Task Force on Minority Rights in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • June 28 - 30 2002 "PR for civil rights projects", training course organized by the Acency of Social Information. Natalya Konischeva participated with the project "Network of Ethnic Associations." Moscow.

  • October 9 - 13 2002 Natal'ya Konischeva participated in the international conference UNITED "A Youth Strategy Against Racism and Related Forms of Discrimination in Europe", Bucharest, Romania.

  • October 23 - November 5 2002 Larissa Bitkaeva finished the international program "Leadership for environment and sustainable development" in Gvadalakhar, Mexico.

    Travels and participation in various events, press conferences

  • December 12 2002 participation in the protest meeting against the war in the Chechen Republic on the Pushkin Place, in the center of Moscow. The meeting was organized on initiative of about 20 public, civil rights and youth organizations.

  • December 23-26 2002. Trip to the Ded Moroz (Russian Santa Claus) in Belikii Ustyug with children from national creative children groups together with the Dom Natsionalnosti (House of Nationalities) of the Moscow and the Moscow government.

  • Participation in monthly meetings of the Inter-religious and International Federation for Peace and Understanding

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