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News Archive 2004

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Year 2004

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22.12.2004 Application of the American experience in interaction between ethnic associations and authorities. Conference in Nizhny Novgorod.
06.12.2004 Ethno-Club
23.11.2004 Training Seminar in Novosibirsk - Siberia A tolerance zone in Russia
16.11.2004 Training in Rostov on Don Its great that we all met here today!
14.11.2004 National-patriotic organizations carried out meeting in the Moscow city center
19.10.2004 In Samara starts a new project School of Tolerance for the Youth.

16.10.2004 Educational seminar on the subject Interaction between Ethnic Associations and Authorities
05.10.2004 Second training in AnapaWe couldnt anticipate such a success
28.09.2004 About the impressions of a journey to London within the framework of the project: Ethnic minorities in Great Britain and their access to justice.
28.09.2004 Training in Kaliningrad Low quality of life, high quality of tolerance
28.09.2004 Training in Samarra: International and Russian Mechanisms of Cooperation between Ethnic Associations and Governmental Agencies
15.09.2004 Press-Conference Terroristic attacks will not avoke separation of the North Caucasus from Russia
13.08.2004 Second training in Yekaterinburg for leaders of ethnic associations and police officers
27.07.2004 Training in Volgograd: There is a problem, but there is also a desire to solve it
15.07.2004 Educational Seminar in Anapa: Professionals Can Solve It All
08.07.2004 Results of the Training in Astrakhan The People and the Administration United
11.06.2004 Seminar Preparations in Anapa and Krasnodar
28.04.2004 Seminar In Focus: Successful Examples for Interaction of Ethnic Associations, Law- Enforcement Bodies, Authorities and the Mass-Media
24.04.2004 Lets live together in friendship Training results Interaction of Ethnic Associations and the Police
16.03.2004 Conference Strategies for the Development of Russias Ethnic Cmmunities