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News Archive 2005

News from the Center Archive
Year 2005

29.11.2005 In October the Center of Interethnic Cooperation arranged series of trainings for leaders of national associations
23.09.2005 Together we can achieve more. Results of the conference in Anapa
13.09.2005 International Conference in Anapa, Krasnodar Territory
13.09.2005 Tolerance is a strange word. Results of the seminar in Samara
15.08.2005 Seminar Mechanisms of Forming a Tolerant Relation to Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Samara, August 15th-17th 2005
01.08.2005 Ashot Airapetians Speech at the Office of Moscow Police Working in the Metro
26.07.2005 Jazz Boat on the Moscow River
26.07.2005 Office of Public Prosecutor of the region of Rostov granted the request of the Center for Interethnic Cooperation
19.07.2005 We congratulate the Yaroslavl Assembly of Nations
13.07.2005 Condolences to the victims of the terrorist acts of the 7th of July in London
10.07.2005 Seminar Young people and law-enforcement organs;In memoriam - Aleksei Kalganov
18.04.2005 Seminar in Smolensk
18.04.2005 We Received a Telephone Call
21.03.2005 European-wide Action Week Against Racism
28.01.2005 Training seminar Interaction between ethnic associations, administration and law-enforcement agencies