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News Archive 1999

News from the Center Archive
Year 1999

  • Conference Framework Convention on the Protection of National Minorities and Problems of a Legal Regulation of International Relations in Moscow in cooperation with the Moscow City Duma on the 22nd April.

  • Evening of authors songs in memory of Galina Starovojtova in cooperation with the Foundation Avtorskaya pesnya (Authors song) and the Union of Moscow Writers on the 17of May.

  • Meeting of leaders of ethnic communities in Moscow with a delegation of the European Parliament.

  • Meeting of leaders of a number of Moscow national communities with Gilbert Dubois, the vice-chairman of the Representation of the European Commission in Russia, on the occasion of the armed conflict in Yugoslavia on the 10th of June 1999 (the leaders of the mentioned communities recorded the inadmissibility of solving the problems in the Kosovo by military methods). A similar meeting took place on the 3rd of November this time the topic was the North Caucasus.

  • Excursion for young leaders of Moscow national communities to cult buildings of different religious confessions. After the excursion there was a roundtable discussing the problems of modern youth. Both took place on the 2nd October in cooperation with the Federation of Peace and Understanding.

  • Meeting of leaders of ethnic communities with the deputies of the Moscow City Duma and representatives of the military structures of the capital aimed at resistance against mass violations of human rights because of ethnic signs, organized and carried out by the CIEC. Topics of the meeting were the international situation in Moscow, anti-terrorist steps taken by the authorities of the city, and problems of protection of national minorities. In addition, representatives of law-enforcement and migration organs of the capital took part in the meeting.

  • Meeting of leaders of ethnic communities with Barry Siliborti, professor of rights from the university of the state Maryland/ USA, in the Embassy of the USA in Moscow on the 9 th of November. Barry Siliborti reported to the leaders of Moscow national communities on the elections in the USA.

  • Meeting of leaders of ethnic communities of Moscow with John Brown, the attaché on culture of the Embassy of the USA, in the American Center on the 6th of December.

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