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World News Archive Year 2004

World News Archive
Year 2004

19.12.2004 Do you respect me? - Guests of Russia will soon be selected by the principle of loyalty
15.12.2004 In Rostov on Don foreign students demand from authorities to publish the reasons for the death of a Cameroonian citizen.
06.12.2004 Dark-skinned students escape from Moscow
06.12.2004 Abkhazia for another presidential poll. Recent rivals run in tandem
06.12.2004 Attack on three officers of the Chinese Navy in St. Petersburg
06.12.2004 In Baku an international forum of Muslim youth was conducted
06.12.2004 78 nationalities represented at congress in Moscow
30.11.2004 Meeting in Moscow For just and fair elections in the Ukraine
29.11.2004 74% Russian citizens are not over fond of Muscovites
27.11.2004 All illegal aliens will be asked to leave!
25.11.2004 More than 11,000 foreigners were deported out of Russia since the beginning of 2004
25.11.2004 In Kaluga the action Kaluga without Swastikas was carried out
25.11.2004 Russian Authorities give Russians the same rights as Ukrainians
24.11.2004 Armenian police salaries will be increased by 40%
24.11.2004 The exhibition Im not a Russian, but a Rossiyanin was opened in Nizhniy Novgorod
24.11.2004 The exhibition Im not a Russian, but a Rossiyanin was opened in Nizhniy Novgorod
23.11.2004 EU says Ukraine should review results of presidential poll
23.11.2004 60% of the Russians are prone to racism
23.11.2004 Methods of canvassing in Volgograd
23.11.2004 How to do it in Zhukovsky! Azerbaijani beats up attacking skinheads
15.11.2004 "Skinheads" in Krasnodar: myth or threat?
15.11.2004 Religious faiths in Russia more and more actively adopt the Internet
15.11.2004 The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights stands up for non-citizens
15.11.2004 In Russian Regions actions against Anti-Semitism and Fascism were carried out
15.11.2004 Georgia is not now in a position to accept Turkish-Meskhetins wishing to return to their homeland
15.11.2004 Musical conductor beaten in St. Petersburg
14.11.2004 Muslims hold Uraza Bairam festival Sunday
14.11.2004 Voronezh pupils get taught about tolerance
14.11.2004 National-patriotic organizations carried out meeting in the Moscow city center
14.11.2004 Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian Moslems on end of Ramadan
11.11.2004 Village skinheads
11.11.2004 Karelian youth carried out an action against racism and Anti-Semitism
11.11.2004 Action against Anti-Semitism in Voronezh
08.11.2004 Three Turkish citizens beaten up in Moscow
08.11.2004 Competition Im against fascism is carried out in Nizhniy Novgorod
06.11.2004 Moscow: police uncover illegal registration of migrants
04.11.2004 St. Petersburg: Three Uzbeks arrested for beating up African students
04.11.2004 Public organizations from Nizhniy Novgorod mention new wave of attacks on foreigners
28.10.2004 Moscow: Hooligans attack Spartak player
28.10.2004 January 1st, 2005 the program "Multiethnic Moscow" will come into force
28.10.2004 Krasnodar region: problems of ethnic discrimination
28.10.2004 40 Ukrainian TV journalists accuse the government of putting pressure on the mass media
28.10.2004 Reporters Without Borders: Armenia has the highest level of press freedom in the Southern Caucasus
28.10.2004 Mass action: Remembrance Day for the victims of political repression
27.10.2004 The consequences of a thoughtless attitude towards ethnic issues will be the break-up of the state
26.10.2004 Penza fascists committed a new attack
26.10.2004 Russia tightens responsibility for violation of migration laws
26.10.2004 Festivities beginning in Ukraine to mark 60th anniversary of liberation from Nazi invaders
26.10.2004 Robbers pretend to be skinheads
26.10.2004 Antifascist action shall be lead by Valentina Matvienko and Ilya Klebanov
26.10.2004 Meeting No Terror took place in the Armenian capital
25.10.2004 Xenophobia and Extremism in Russia
25.10.2004 About the manifestation of xenophobia and intolerance
25.10.2004 Every day common Muscovite watch with envy, how foreign workers enrich themselves
25.10.2004 In the Kuban region registration camps are formed for migrants based upon ethnic characteristics
25.10.2004 Human Rights, Democracy, Tolerance - Content and Methods of Education
21.10.2004 St. Petersburg: Manifestation against fascism
21.10.2004 Belarus frightens Russia reminding of its Soviet past
21.10.2004 International organization for election observation leaves Lviv because of threat against its staff members
21.10.2004 "Soldiers Mothers" agree to meeting with Zakayev
21.10.2004 Egyptian citizen beaten and robbed in the Moscow metro
21.10.2004 African student beaten with chains in St. Petersburg
21.10.2004 The number of ethnically motivated crimes rises 100 to 150 cases each year
19.10.2004 European Union disappointed over Belarusian elections
19.10.2004 Inhabitants of North Ossetia found Ossetian Ku-Klux-Klan
19.10.2004 International Art Festival Shalom-2004 in Orenburg
19.10.2004 Russia and Tajikistan sign labor migration agreement
19.10.2004 Center of New Sociology: In Russia there are about 55,000 skinheads
19.10.2004 Trial opens against Petersburg Skinheads accused of killing 5 year-old girl
19.10.2004 67% of the Russians do not feel hostility towards persons of different nationality
18.10.2004 Voronezh skinheads take revenge for verdict
18.10.2004 Vietnamese student killed - Friends held meeting at the scene of crime
16.10.2004 Hundred Armenians got stuck in Georgia - Many of them in serious condition
16.10.2004 A paper curtain
13.10.2004 In St. Petersburg a murder of a Syrian student is brought into court
13.10.2004 Prosecution of Turk-Meskhetins
13.10.2004 March against hatred
13.10.2004 Moscow: Authorities dont permit fascist festival in the capital
13.10.2004 Student from Kenya assaulted in Voronezh
13.10.2004 Kiev condemns maintenance of registration for Ukrainians in Russia
13.10.2004 Yanukovich: In December an experiment on simplified border traffic will start at the Ukrainian-Russian border
13.10.2004 Russian pupils demonstrated below the window of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities
13.10.2004 Another attack in Voronezh: African assaulted by a group of eight persons
11.10.2004 The International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHF) talked about offences against human rights in the CIS.
11.10.2004 Your papers! And yours?
11.10.2004 Vaan Ovanisian: "Not only terrorism is dangerous, but thoughtless methods of how to fight it, too"
11.10.2004 Information on illegal neighbors will soon be paid
11.10.2004 Anti-Semitism flourishes in the Ukraine
11.10.2004 Does Yekaterinburg prepare plank-beds for immigrants from abroad?
07.10.2004 If only fellows from all around the world.he next international camping trip.
28.09.2004 All this for the sake of peace
15.09.2004 Meeting against pardon for Budanov in Groznya
15.09.2004 Terroristic attacks will not lead to the separation of the North Caucasus from Russia
15.09.2004 Novye Izvestiya: Was it worth to sped blood?
15.09.2004 Luzhkov insists on obligatory registration for all who newly arrive in Moscow
22.07.2004 Effective Legal Aid for the Residents of Tatarstan
22.07.2004 The Commissioner for Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is preparing a report on the observance of human rights in Russia
22.07.2004 Anti-War Picketing in Moscow
22.07.2004 Work on the project to counteract interethnic and interreligious conflicts continues
22.07.2004 Fourth Sumer School of Human Rights in Moscow
22.07.2004 Financing for the special federal program Formation of a Tolerant Consciousness and the Prevention of Extremism in Russian Society is stopped
22.07.2004 The new book of the Independent Institute of Communicators talks about problems of intolerant behavior of both journalists and their audience