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World News Archive Year 2005

World News Archive
Year 2005

12.12.2005 Chechen delegation to meet with religious officials from Syria
12.12.2005 Evening Melodies of the Volga region within the frame of the project run by the Federal Migration Service Russia is multinational. Peace through culture.
08.12.2005 Evgeni Chervonenko deeply condemns the beating of a yeshiva student
05.10.2005 Racism, Xenophobia, Ethnic Discrimination and Anti-Semitism in Russia (January-June 2005)
13.09.2005 Threats and punishments of human rights activists have gained a systematic character in Russia
13.09.2005 In Irkutsk the Train of Friendship from the Chechen Republic had a stopover
13.09.2005 Seminar of Chechen human rights NGOs about Management of Non-Profit Organizations and Fundraising
13.09.2005 In Pense a mosque was desecrated
13.09.2005 In Kalmykia a Chechen war begins
17.08.2005 Who are those Russians, for whom
17.08.2005 A Dagestan beat his fellow army associate because he had a swastika tattoo
17.08.2005 British police officers wear green ribbons to signal solidarity with Muslims
16.08.2005 The first immigration police in Europe is being created in France
16.08.2005 In the new school books of some former socialist countries and CIS states Russia appears in a most unattractive light
16.08.2005 British Muslims clean their ranks of extremists themselves
15.08.2005 Russian nationalists started founding fighting groups
15.08.2005 Diplomats call to leave it at 3:3
09.08.2005 Fist Patriotism
09.08.2005 Terror preachers and associates will be exiled from Great Britain
02.08.2005 Putin Came Out Against the Skinheads
29.07.2005 Sociologists found out what Russians associate with terms like Jew or Chechen
29.07.2005 In Moscow a new Muslim maternity home, dental clinic and civil rights center opened up
29.07.2005 Civil rights activists offer support to the helpless Office of the Public Prosecutor regarding Chechnya
29.07.2005 Students from Estonia Forced to Leave the Marij-El Republic
26.07.2005 The Activation of the Barcashovs (Barcashov is the leader of the Russian Fascist Party) is Driving Russia toward an Interethnic Collision
26.07.2005 The Militia Detachment of Special Designation (OMON) Protects Chechen Children, on Holiday in the Vladimir Region, from Skinheads
22.07.2005 The Shadow of the Swastika
22.07.2005 Putin Got It
22.07.2005 A Nasty Document
22.07.2005 Alkhanov demands to stop linking the words terrorist and Chechen
22.07.2005 Vladimir Pozner is against Patriotic Education From Above
22.07.2005 The Central Directorate of Internal Affairs (GUVD) of Moscow mobilizes its whole strength for the fight against skinheads
15.07.2005 Around Moscow reside more then 100000 illegal foreigners
15.07.2005 Levada Center: Muscovites do not care about their authorities fight against skinheads and non-Russians
13.07.2005 In Rostov-on-Don the conference Southern Russia without Intolerance and Hatred: Negotiation of the Problems of Xenophobia and Extremism was held
13.07.2005 Dissent of human rights activists about the situation in Chechnya
13.07.2005 Crimea: Ukrainian troops against Crimean Tartars
09.07.2005 The European Union is blaming Moscow for mis-appropriating the humanitarian aid for Chechnya
09.07.2005 58% of Russians who were questioned are in favor of the idea Russia is for Russians
10.07.2005 Kaliningrad has the Honor to Receive a Supreme Award from the Council of Europe
26.06.2005 The city of the heroes of illegal work
26.06.2005 Religious and cultural public organizations made a stand against nationalism
26.06.2005 The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe encroaches upon Russias power vertical
22.06.2005 Again peaceful citizens flee from Chechnya to Dagestan
21.06.2005 Hate crimes and counteraction to them in Russia
20.06.2005 Kofi Annan, General Secretary of the United Nations: World Refugee Day
16.06.2005 A wave of political hacks and blocking of resources on the Russian internet
15.06.2005 Moscow Town Council delegate Yuriy Popv again calls to discriminate against immigrants
09.06.2005 Delegates want to deprive Russian women who marry foreigners of their Russian citizenship
06.06.2005 Who got that agitated by the ethnic component of a school in Moscow?
03.06.2005 Islamists and Zionists
03.06.2005 Non-citizens of Estonia will become citizens of the EU
02.06.2005 Alu Alkhanov: Extremism has nothing in common with Islam
01.06.2005 Neonazi Network Soldiers of the Fourth Reich uncovered in Ufa
10.05.2005 Monument in memory of European Jews opened in Berlin
18.04.2005 In St. Petersburg A Chinese Student Was Beaten And An Angolan Was Injured
18.04.2005 Just a brawl, or an Interethnic Conflict?
21.03.2005 In Voronezh in the office of the Prosecutor a round table on Extremism and Manifestation of Nationalism was held
21.03.2005 It is Improper to be a Racist in England
27.02.2005 Competition: Watch out, Nazism!
27.02.2005 In the European Court for Human Rights the number of complaints from Russia is rising
27.02.2005 The Council of Europe will carry out a round table about the situation in Chechnya in Moscow in March
28.01.2005 The Tatar Latin Front appealed to UNESCO for the protection of the Tatar alphabet and for rights of the Tatar people
28.01.2005 EU may soon announce Ukraine market economy country
28.01.2005 More than half of Russians think, that members of ethnic minorities live better than Russians
28.01.2005 Human Rights Watch: "Armenia and Azerbaijan are ruled by authoritarian regimes"
28.01.2005 Moscow: Jewish organization leader was attacked by Anti-Semites
28.01.2005 Moscow: Jewish organization leader was attacked by Anti-Semites
28.01.2005 From the US State Departments Report on Global Antisemitism
28.01.2005 CIS Leaders Apprehensive of Rerun of Georgian and Ukrainian Scenarios
28.01.2005 Human Rights Commission formed in Moscow
28.01.2005 They dont like us!
28.01.2005 Russian chief rabbi concerned over synagogue arson attempt
28.01.2005 The USA regarded Estonia as an Anti-Semitic country