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World News Archive Year 2006

World News Archive
Year 2006

19.12.2006 Statement of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance
29.11.2006 Ways to tolerance: Sharing the experiences of Great Britain and Russia
17.11.2006 Yaroslavl Real Russian Hospitality
23.11.2006 Training in Tolyatti
20.11.2006 Campaign against Foreign Traders will lead to Chaos in Grocery Trade
06.12.2006 An Exchange of Migrant Labor Vacancies to be Created in Moscow.
06.12.2006 A summit for non-governmental organizations
16.11.2006 Petersburg Honours Memory of Murdered Anti-Fascist Student
16.11.2006 Michael Fradkov Reports on Regulation of Immigrant Workers
24.10.2006 Tough New Immigration Laws Proposed
18.10.2006 Chirac Praises French Citizens in their Struggle against Anti-Semitism
18.10.2006 Nationalist March in Saint Petersburg Cancelled
16.10.2006 Croatian Skinheads Attack Gypsy Settlement
13.10.2006 Croatia Threatened with Removal from the 2008 European Selection Tournament
08.10.2006 Journalist Anna Politkovskaja Murdered
02.10.2006 Amnesty for all Immigrants in Russia from 2007
28.09.2006 Indian student is killed in Saint Petersburg
24.09.2006 In Astrakhan unknown arsonists attempt to burn a synagogue
24.09.2006 No way out
12.09.2006 Are You looking for a Reliable Partner in Russia?
09.09.2006 Was the Council of Europe fenced off from legal Experts?
03.09.2006 Caucasian Pogroms in Karelia
28.08.2006 Lessons from the Cherkizovskaya Market
23.08.2006 Foreign Salesmen Die in Explosion at Cherkizovskaya Market
20.08.2006 Yekaterinenburg An Volunteers Inside View from the Center for Interethnic Cooperation
16.08.2006 Siberian Experiences
14.08.2006 United Nations to Consider Problems of Ukrainian Roma
09.08.2006 Colored Football Player to leave Russia due to Racism
04.08.2006 Konovalov promotes Necessity to Create Databank of Crimes Committed due to National or Religious Motifs
27.07.2006 Lessons in German
17.07.2006 Igor Rimmer: Immigrants should love St. Petersburg, while St. Petersburg should protect them
17.07.2006 Israel has refused contacts to Minister of Education of Poland
16.07.2006 Participation of Extremists from St. Petersburg in the Murder of the Tadjik Girl could not be proven
14.07.2006 Meeting with the Representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs and with Migratory Departments of the CIS held in Moscow
13.07.2006 Riga has learnt Lessons from Holocaust
13.07.2006 School Boys sued by the Jewish Autonomous Region
13.07.2006 From now on Russia will fight against Racism and Xenophobia, declared Putin
13.07.2006 Sudanese Student received Stab Wound in Krasnodar
12.07.2006 Russia has given Migrants Green Light
11.07.2006 City of Successful Tolerance
10.07.2006 A Visit to the Yaroslavl Assembly
10.07.2006 Rights Organizations Condemn Roma Evictions in Russia
08.07.2006 Samara: Policemen to be trained in the Basics of Islam
07.07.2006 Northern Capital celebrates African Day
07.07.2006 Air Carrier Atlant refused Flight for five Moslems
07.07.2006 Moscow changes Legislation on Migrants Rights
07.07.2006 France has passed new law on Immigration with possible Consequences
06.07.2006 Moscow Calls for Reporting Racism
06.07.2006 Russian Nation as Project
06.07.2006 Positive Progress in Yaroslavl
03.07.2006 Representatives of the Black Continent to meet in St. Petersburg for African Day
28.06.2006 Anti-Xenophobia ads have appeared in the Streets of Chelyabinsk
28.06.2006 Interethnic Camp
27.06.2006 School to teach Migrants in Russian Language to open in Moscow
22.06.2006 Depopulation in Russia: Complex Measures are Necessary
22.06.2006 Neo-Nazis forbidden to interfere with concert
16.06.2006 Irkutsk Tales
15.06.2006 Migrants in the law
14.06.2006 International Muslim center Vostotshnaya Skaska to emerge in Moscow
14.06.2006 Matvienko does not see massive Xenophobia in St. Petersburg
13.06.2006 National situation in Siberia is favourable.
13.06.2006 International Eaglets
26.05.2006 International Youth Forum to take place in Tomsk
23.05.2006 No need to constantly refer to authority in the fight against extremism- Ryavkin
23.05.2006 Yushchenko Promises to consider the Problems of the Crimean Tatars
23.05.2006 Level of Xenophobia in the FSB (successor to the KGB) above Average
19.05.2006 Fascism - A Threat to Russias Future
18.05.2006 State Duma Discusses Problems of Extremism and Xenophobia
18.05.2006 Victory Day
16.05.2006 Anti-Fascist Declaration Once more, fascism threatens Russia
15.05.2006 Preventing Xenophobia
12.05.2006 Russian Nazis: New Wave of Racist Attacks
12.05.2006 Skinheads Rally on Victory Day in St. Petersburg
12.05.2006 Moscow for Non-Muscovites - City Authorities Find New Methods of Fighting Xenophobia
12.05.2006 Putin celebrates Victory Day with World War Two Veterans
12.05.2006 Leading members of the Russian mass media have condemned racial crimes in Russia. Well, its better late than never!
04.05.2006 Wine-Lovers Protest at Russian Embassy by Holding Georgian Feast
03.05.2006 Roma Camp removed by force
03.05.2006 Murdered student commemorated in the centre of Moscow.
02.05.2006Neo-Nazis demonstrate in Moscow on international labour day
02.05.2006 Announcement of Russian youth to the representatives of the Russian government!
27.04.2006 Announcement from the American Center
25.04.2006 Armenian Genocide Memorial Day
21.04.2006Jos Birthday
19.04.2006Ethnic violence is becoming widespread in Moscow19.04.2006Krasnodar Police Strengthen Measures Protecting Foreign Students
19.04.2006 Black Panthers in St Petersburg
Million rouble fine for traders in Nazi symbols.
18.04.2006 Police preparing reinforcements for Hitlers Birthday
11.04.2006 Petersburg awaits new attacks on foreigners with fear.
11.04.2006 Playing at being patriots?
06.04.2006 Rogozins Resignation No Surprise
06.04.2006 Political Ambivalence in Russia Risks a Slide into Fascism and Totalitarianism
05.04.2006 St Petersburg : 9 year old girl stabbed three times.
05.04.2006 Kurd Killed By Skinheads on Moscow Metro
03.04.2006 Attempts to prosecute the author of Manual on Street Terror so far unsuccessful.
03.04.2006 Community action - be ashamed to be racist!
03.04.2006 African Unity prepares application to St. Petersburg authorities about attack on mixed race girl.
26.03.2006 Moscow Round Table on Extremism
26.03.2006 A nationalism is real threat for countries of the CIS