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World News Archive Year 2007

World News Archive
Year 2007

06.12.2007 Students Will Receive Tolerance Training in Russian Schools
06.12.2007 ’Anti-Semitic’ writer to go on trial in Greece
04.12.2007 Skinheads Attacked an Associate of the Tuva Government in St.Petersburg Metro but Police Refuse to Search for Perpetrators
04.12.2007 Syrian Students Assaulted in Krasnodar
04.12.2007 Period of Obtaining Privileges for Russian Federation Citizens Extended Another Year
04.12.2007 Fighting Extremism in Sverdlovsk Oblast Remains Urgent
03.12.2007 Modern Music Concert ‘From Kazakhstan with Love’
29.11.2007 Swastika in the Stavropol Mayor’s Office
29.11.2007 Attack on Students from Nigeria in Vladimir
29.11.2007 Nationalistic Strike on a Vladimir Mosque
27.11.2007 Mass Youth Action “We Are Different, But We Are Together” in Kondopoga
27.11.2007 Journalists advised to leave behind hysteria and xenophobia
27.11.2007 Russian Textbook for Immigrants
27.11.2007 Gennady Gorbunov: The Concept of the ‘State-formed Nation’ is Humiliating for Other Nations and Nationalities
23.11.2007 Who Said that Russia does not need Gastarbeiters?
22.11.2007 Samara Youth Asked About Tolerance
22.11.2007 Project Presented in Krasnodar “How to Live in a Multicultural City”
22.11.2007 Luzhkov Stepped Forth with Introduction of Amendments to Laws Concerning Migrants
22.11.2007 Russian Academy of Science: One in Every Four Moscow School Children Is against Immigrants
21.11.2007 Round Table Discussion “Nizhniy Novgorod: Youth Alternatives to Fascism and Indifference”
20.11.2007 Festival of National Cultures Takes place in Tolyatti: “We Are the Multiethnic People of Russia”
20.11.2007 Governor of Primoriye Discussed Tolerance Issues with the Mufti of the Asian Part of Russia
20.11.2007 Foreign Students: We Want to Show Everyone All Our Love for Petersburg
20.11.2007 Moscow Hosts an International Conference on Tolerance on December 6th
20.11.2007 Issues of Harmonizing Interethnic Relations Resolved in Beloyarsk
17.11.2007 We Congratulate our Friends With the Opening of the House of Peoples’ Friendship of Perm Krai
16.11.2007 Who Foreign Nationals Are and Why We Need Them
16.11.2007 Attack in Moscow Metro: Skinheads Again?
16.11.2007 Murmansk Procurator Turns Down Criminal Case of an Advertising Poster with a Nationalist Tone
16.11.2007 Week of Tolerance in Samara
16.11.2007 On International Day of Tolerance Students Discuss Tolerance Towards Different Opinions and Behaviour
14.11.2007 Interethnic Information Forum “INTEGRATION OF FOREIGN NATIONALS - 2007” Began November 14th in Moscow
14.11.2007 Picket in Memory of Timur Kacharava in St. Petersburg
14.11.2007 Practical Conference Dated for International Day of Tolerance in Orenburg
14.11.2007 Association of Lawyers of Russia Carry out a Seminar “How to Defend Yourself From Discrimination”
12.11.2007 ”Religious Petersburg: Linking Times” Exhibition opens in the State History of Religion Museum
12.11.2007 Putin Called for the Police to Actively Fight Xenophobia and Corruption
12.11.2007 Capital Office of the Public Prosecutor Declared a Sharp Increase in Nationalist Attacks in the City
12.11.2007 Hotline For Muslim Women Opened in the Capital
12.11.2007 Priangarie Deputies Intend to Turn to the Procurator of the Irkutsk Oblast For an Irkutsk Newspaper’s Incitement of Interethnic Hostility
12.11.2007 Meeting in Memory of the Victims of Massive Jewish Pogroms During the Occupation of Stalingrad
12.11.2007 Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy Discuss Problems Migrants Face
12.11.2007 Czech Neo-Fascists Harshly Commemorated the Anniversary of 1938 Jewish Pogroms
12.11.2007 Intolerance Towards Different Ethnicities and Religions: Formation of Special Subdivisions (SPU) In Ukraine for the Fight Against Xenophobia
08.11.2007 Public Chamber Published a Reference Book on Religion for Police Officers
08.11.2007 In Yakutia An Instigator of Ethnic Hostility is a Deputy Candidate
08.11.2007 Wave of Crimes on Grounds of Hatred
08.11.2007 Trial Begins Against Leader of Serbian Radicals Voislav Sheshel
08.11.2007 German Nazis Unite With Those in Prague
07.11.2007 Patriotism Against Nationalism What Protest on November 4th was the Most Patriotic?
07.11.2007 Youth Film Festival “Come and Watch”- Cinema against Hate
02.11.2007 ”WE are against Violence” Student Action takes place in Chelny
02.11.2007 Lessons of tolerance
02.11.2007 Police Only Catch Skinheads When a lot of Noise is Raised and a Reward is Offered
30.10.2007 Petersburg Advertises Interethnic Tolerance
29.10.2007 Antifascist March Takes Place in Petersburg
24.10.2007 Armenian man killed in Moscow
24.10.2007 "March Against Hatred" to take place in St. Petersburg on October 28th
24.10.2007 President of Yakutiya appeals to Chief Prosecutor over murder of chess-player
24.10.2007 Uzbek national stabbed to death in Eastern Moscow.
24.10.2007 Anti-Semitic Election Leaflets Distributed in Kaliningrad.
24.10.2007 Spanish racist arrested thanks to CCTV cameras
22.10.2007 Moscow Skinheads Beat a Man from Yakutia to Death
18.10.2007 New Anti-Semitic Attack
18.10.2007 Vandals Who Defiled a Jewish Cemetery Found in Krasnoyarsk
18.10.2007 March Against Hate
17.10.2007 A Resident of Buryatia is Killed
17.10.2007 Sequential Act of Vandalism in Blagoveshchensk
17.10.2007 Local Residents Fight With Uzbeks in Karelia: Two Left Wounded
17.10.2007 Pressure Toughens in Myanmar
16.10.2007 Racist Murder By Drunk General
16.10.2007 Two Natives from the Caucasus Were Attacked in Yekaterinburg
16.10.2007 “Youth and Tolerance” Seminar Took Place in Kaliningrad
15.10.2007 Suicide-Terrorist Blew Up a Playground in Iraq
15.10.2007 Son of Murdered Armenian Journalist Accused in Turkey
15.10.2007 ”European March” Protest Takes Place in Minsk
15.10.2007 New Attack in Ingushetia: Shooting of a Russian Family
12.10.2007 Skinhead Received Life-Sentence for Killing Nanny and Child
12.10.2007 Turkey Recalls Ambassador from US
12.10.2007 Conference Opens in Washington in Memory of Anna Politkovskaya
12.10.2007 Ukraine Calls for European Countries to Recognize Golodomor As Genocide
11.10.2007 Belarusian Border Guards Participate in Educational Courses on Ethnic Migration Rights
11.10.2007 Interfaith Dialogue: One of the Central Themes in the Fifth Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” in Rhodes
11.10.2007 Suspects Detained in the Defilement of a Jewish Cemetery in Lisbon
11.10.2007 UN Accuses France of Discriminating Against Muslims and Africans
11.10.2007 Prague Municipality Forbid A March of Neo-Nazis Through Jewish Neighborhood After All
11.10.2007 UEFA Invites RFU to Take Part in the Action “Football Against Racism in Europe”
11.10.2007 Serious Street Clashes Occur in Bern
11.10.2007 A “Nazi” Bar Appears in South Korea
11.10.2007 Visitors Attacked in Moscow
07.10.2007 Mass Media Far From the Migration Issue
04.10.2007 Human Rights Watch: It Is Dangerous To Be A Migrant in Russia
04.10.2007 Hotline That Deals With The Problem of Nationalism Opens In St. Petersburg
04.10.2007 470 Million For Tolerance
04.10.2007 Neo-Nazis Reach Haifa
02.10.2007 Luzhkov Proposes to Create a Ministry of Ethnicities
02.10.2007 Russia Will Mercilessly Fight Xenophobia, Medvedev Expressed
02.10.2007 Anti-Immigrant Messages Have Appeared on Volgograd Houses
02.10.2007 Exhibition Dedicated to Tolerance Opens In Vladivostok
02.10.2007 Sevastopol’s Head Rabbi is Assaulted
02.10.2007 Chernogorsk Club Was Fined For Manifestation of Racism
02.10.2007 Neo-Nazi March Forbade In Serbia
02.10.2007 United Front Against Anti-Semitism
01.10.2007 Anti-Fascists in St. Petersburg Attacked Supporters of the Movement Against Illegal Migrants
01.10.2007 St. Petersburg Government Designates 78 Million Rubles to Fulfillment of the “Tolerance” Program
01.10.2007 A Museum of Tolerance will be Built in Moscow
01.10.2007 Petersburg Police Recognized the Error of Tactics Prohibiting “Marches of the Discordant”
01.10.2007 Muscovites Learned to Get Along With Migrants
25.09.2007 In Louisiana 20 000 Afro-Americans Protest Racism
25.09.2007 Website Founded by Supporters of Nationalist Idea of White Supremacy Found to Be In Full View of the FBI
25.09.2007 Iranian in Moscow Killed on “Grounds of Racial Hatred”
25.09.2007 Discussing the Problem of Racism in the Kabardino-Balkaria Human Rights Center
25.09.2007 ”News Time” about the Russian Language and Migrants
25.09.2007 “Fair Russia” Takes Anti-Semites, Supporters of Rogozin and Admirers of “Mein Kampf”
25.09.2007 On the People’s Union List are Pogromshchiks, Neo-Nazis and the Like
25.09.2007 “Rosbalt” Presents “Face of Russia” Project in Archangelsk
25.09.2007 Scientists who Fight for the Rights of Ethnic Minorities Recognized as Guilty of Kindling Ethnic Hatred
25.09.2007 Living Memory
22.09.2007 Is it Necessary to Battle Illegal Migration?
22.09.2007 Path to Resolving Ethnic Conflicts
22.09.2007 Chairman of “Union of Russian People” is Sentenced to 18 Months for Inciting Ethnic Hatred
22.09.2007 Campaign in Turkey Begins for the Cancellation of Article "Insulting Turkish Conscience”
20.09.2007 Samara Police Participated in Seminar “Harmonization of Interethnic Relations and Preventive Maintenance of Interethnic Conflicts”
19.09.2007 Federal Migration Services Assigns “Locals” on the Capture of Illegal Migrants
19.09.2007 Film “Brother II” Contributes to an Increase in Xenophobia
19.09.2007 A Nazi Industry Works against Russia
19.09.2007 Karelia Holds A Culture Week “Petrozavodsk-All Peace”
19.09.2007 Russian employers were fined with 2 billion rubles for illegal usage of foreign work force
19.09.2007 Head of COE Considers the Issue of Russian-language speakers in Baltic Countries
13.09.2007 The Sixth Session of the UN Council on Human Rights Takes Place in Geneva
13.09.2007 "Special Opinion” of Aleksandr Verkhovskiy
13.09.2007 Elena Rykovtseva: “As Many ‘Ethnic’ Statistics as Possible!”
11.09.2007 Writers and Politicians Worry That the Struggle Against Extremism Will Be Hampered by Political Censoring
11.09.2007 Religious Organizations of Kurgan Province Came Together Against Extremism
11.09.2007 In Israel, Nazi Propaganda Is Ignored By the Law
11.09.2007 Skinheads with sideburns
23.07.2007 Round Table on “Tolerance and Megapolis Culture” Held in St. Petersburg
16.07.2007 Stop assaults on those who are different
09.07.2007 Moscow Supports Federal Initiative on Russian Language Education for Immigrants
05.07.2007 Leader of Extremist Group Arrested in the Capital
05.07.2007 PACE Is Urging Russia to Fulfill Its Obligations
27.06.2007 Itamar Ben-Gvir is Once Again Found Guilty of Propagating Racism
15.06.2007 Relatives of Refugees of Soviet “Hot Spot” are given 7 years to Acquire Rights
04.06.2007 The Public Forum “New Bridges of Intercultural Interactions” was Held in Moscow
15.06.2007 Prosecutors’ Office doesn’t Recognize Swastika
15.06.2007 Press-Conference on Problem of Ethnic Radicals in Russia will Take Place in RIAN News
15.06.2007 Svertlov Law Enforcement Agencies Are Intended to Take Preventative Measures against Extremism
15.06.2007 The “Union of Armenian Women in Russia” was Created in Moscow
04.06.2007 State Duma Deputies have Advised the Media to Cover the Situation with Migrants Positively
04.06.2007 The Association of Outdoor Advertising to Replace 400 Billboards and City-Lights with Social Advertising for Tolerance in Kiev
04.06.2007 Nazi Symbols Sold Freely in Òàllin
15.05.2007 Even during the May 9th celebrations, skinheads were free to stroll through downtown Moscow
15.05.2007 A Native of Kabardino-Balkaria was Killed in Moscow
03.05.2007 A Citizen of Zimbabwe was Attacked in St. Petersburg
03.05.2007 The EU does not know what to do with Estonia
25.04.2007 Skinheads Vandalize a Muslim Cemetery in Kurgan
23.04.2007 In St. Petersburg, Police Prevented Fascists from Desecrating a Cemetery
23.04.2007 In France vandals were arrested for desecrating the tombstones of Muslim soldiers
23.04.2007 The ministry of interior affairs for the European Union has agreed to recognize incitement of nationalist and racist hatred as a crime
12.04.2007 The Saint Petersburg Islamic Center was Searched and its Members Interrogated
12.04.2007 Memorial Evening for Jewish Victims of Nazism and Heroes of the Resistance to be Held April 15th
12.04.2007 Turkey worried by Europe’s bill condemning racism and xenophobia
09.04.2007 British authorities see integration as the solution to the radicalization of Muslim youth
09.04.2007 In Saratov an agreement has been signed about regulating ethnic politics in the region
09.04.2007 A majority of Russians would approve a ban on “racial information”, but do not see the point
14.03.2007 People Severely Beaten on a Suburban Electric Train
14.03.2007 One of the founders of Estonian “Night Patrol” has died
14.03.2007 Hungarian Jewish Leaders Fear Attacks
14.03.2007 In Nizhniy Novgorod Skinheads beat Moroccans
14.03.2007 Skinheads have attacked a Brazilian football player in downtown Kiev
05.03.2007 Another Nationalist Killing in Moscow
05.03.2007 More and More Racially Motivated Crimes in Russia
05.03.2007 Synagogue Desecrated in Vladivostok
05.03.2007 Neo-Nazis Arrested in Spain
28.02.2007 The United Nations to Evaluate Israel’s Relations Towards its Arab Minority
28.02.2007 Migrants will not be allowed to work in the FSB and in external investigation
28.02.2007 High ranking Ingushetian Official Killed in Moscow
28.02.2007 In France Anti-Semitism Grows Stronger
26.02.2007 Journalists Should not Offend Religious and National Feelings in Their Writing
22.02.2007 Lessons of Holocaust History Taught in the Schools of Petrozavodsk (Karelia)
22.02.2007 We will necessarily be on the side of Jews in critical times
14.02.2007 ECRI marks progress in Georgia’s fight against xenophobia and racism, and points out the defects in this process.
08.02.2007 Antifascist Meeting in Perm by the « Eternal Flame »
30.01.2007 Islamophobia should be Legally Equal to Racism
27.01.2007 The General Assembly of the U.N Takes Resolution against Any Attempt at Holocaust Denial

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