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Monday 25 January

Public Council


  • Sergey Arutyunov

    Head of the Department Ethnology and Anthropology of the Caucasus Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, Moscow

  • Maria Adamov

    Armenian national-cultural autonomy, Pyatigorsk

  • Helen Anton First Deputy Minister of the Republic of Karelia for National Policy and Relations with Religious Associations

  • Firdaus Vagapov

    Head of the Tatar cultural and educational center "Yaktashlar", Nizhny Novgorod

  • Victor Victorine Lecturer of the Academy of Public Service, Astrakhan
  • Alex Grigorovich

    Congress of National Associations in Russia, Moscow

  • Oleg Georgizov

    Chairman of the Board of the Center of national cultures, Krasnodar

  • Elena Derechinskaya

    Head of the Nizhny Novgorod Society for Jewish Culture "Zvi Hirsch"

  • Yael Yoffe

    Head of the Jewish Community Center, Volgograd

  • Alexander Zuev

    Head of the Association of forcefully displaced persons "Saratov source"

  • Adam Kalaev

    Head of the Chechen Cultural Center Vainakh ", Yekaterinburg

  • Svetlana Konovalova

    Head of the Governor’s Office of the Irkutsk Region of Public Relations and Ethnic Relations

  • Kamala Kerimov

    Azerbaijan International Forum, Novosibirsk

  • Shirvan Kerimov

    Head of the League of Azerbaijanis, Samara

  • Farukh Mirzoev

    Head of the Society of Tajik culture "Somon", Yekaterinburg

  • Michael Mnoyan

    Public organization "Ani-Armenia", Ekaterinburg

  • Muslih Sharipov

    Public Center of Tajiks, Perm

  • Nadezhda Osipova

    Senior Consultant for Ethnic Affairs of the staff of the Government of Samara region

  • Polina Hachkinayan

    The Armenian community, Rostov-on-Don

  • Joseph Saatashvili

    Head of the Georgian national-cultural center, Novosibirsk

  • Irina Smolyakova

    Chief Specialist of the Information Analytical Department of the Administration of the Smolensk region

  • Nour El Khasiyev

    Head of the Assembly of Peoples of Yaroslavl

  • Sofiet Shamova

    Head of the Center Adyghe culture, Krasnodar