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Wednesday 08 February

Главная Activities
Activities that were carried out in the framework of the project



A project of UNITED for Intercultural Action and Center for Interethnic Cooperation



The main objectives of the project are to strengthen the civil society and to counter discrimination on ethnic grounds in Russia by strengthening youth organizations and their activists in not less than seven Russian regions, to promote human rights and equality based on effective European methods and experiences and through active participation of the youth. The situation in Russia influences the achievement of these objectives.


Beyond Tolerance- The fight against Xenophobia in Russia

On the first weekend of April, a training session for student organizations and young leaders was held in Pyatorgorsk. The topic of discussion? Interethnic Tolerance. Being a foreigner myself, I had no idea what to expect. Living in Moscow, it is very evident that a clear line has been drawn between Russians and their neighbours to the south living in the Caucasus Region. But the fact of the matter is this particular case of prejudice is just the wrapping. Intolerance in Russia can be traced back to the mid-1990s where a rise in hate crime against other ethnicities and religions perpetrated by skinhead groups, the dire situation in Chechnya, and various other events can be highlighted. Gruesome acts of extremism and terrorism have been committed against minorities for years. The events that took place in December in Moscow on Manege Square demonstrate there is a vital need to bring the problem of intolerance and xenophobia to the forefront of discussion.


Summer School of Tolerance

The Baikal lake is the deepest and the most ancient lake in the world. Its splendor, immensity and incomprehensibility astound at the first sight and leave such colorful memories that if you close your eyes and think of Baikal you still see a very bright picture.

It took us five hours to reach Irkutsk from Moscow by plane and then four hours more by bus to Bazarnaya bay on a Small sea. It seemed that after such a long journey we'll be exhausted and sleepy, but no - the magic air of Baikal not only awoke, but also charged us with such a big amount of energy, that it become possible to sit near the campfire for the whole night and to enjoy the nature and worm company.

Conference “Spreading the Ideas of Tolerance among Youth: What You(th) Can Do?”

During the six days eighty non-indifferent people communicated with each other and shared experience to continue attempts to make this world a little better.This international conference was a finalizing event of a two-years-long joint project of the Center for Interethnic Cooperation (CIC) and European Network against Racism, Fascism and Xenophobia and in Support of Migrants and Refugees UNITED for Intercultural Action. The project “Utilizing the Network of Ethnic Organizations in Russia to Promote the Ideas of Tolerance among Youth” was financed by the European Commission. The conference took place at “Solnechnaya Polyana” resort near Moscow on November 21-26. The plenary session took place at the Journalism faculty of Moscow State University on November 24th.

Youth on the Way to Tolerance

During the daytime Anapa is a usual resort with a big amount of different cafes, souvenir shops and lazily moving suntanned people. But at night you find yourself in completely different town. The life itself starts at midnight in Anapa. Once I happen to be in Las-Vegas and can make a statement that Anapa at night is just the same. Everything shines and sparkles around you, you hear different kinds of noises from all directions and the crowds of people appear like from nowhere – you don’t see near half of them during the daytime – seems like they only wake up in the evenings. Of course there are no casinos in Anapa, but it’s a positive moment, not negative. What really surprises is that you don’t feel grayness and see dust and loads of junk in the morning after the night’s splendor, like in Vegas. Especially, if you’re accommodated in Albatros hotel with good level of service, friendly staff and excellent cuisine.

Cooperation between authorities, law-enforcement agencies and ethnic diasporas for prevention of interethnic conflicts

A seminar/training took place at “Red Hill” business-center in Sarakhtash district of Orenburg region. This seminar was organized by the Ministry of Culture, Public and External Relations and initiated by the employees of Moscow NGO “Center for Interethnic Cooperation”. Representatives of Ministry of Culture, executive agencies, leaders of ethno-cultural organizations of Orenburg region, employees of prosecutors’ office and police took part in this training.

Conference and training on tolerance in Yaroslavl, 19th and 20th November 2009

The conference discussing “Diffusion of ideas of tolerance among the youth” started in the morning of Thursday, 19th of November, in a lecture hall of the Yaroslavl State Pedagogic University. Around 120 students had gathered to listen to the presentations of the different organizing institutions which introduced themselves and explained about their work and aims. But also participants of the conference had their word on their work in youths’ and students’ organizations in Moscow, Astrakhan and Orenburg. This part was rounded out by two volunteers of the Center for Interethnic Cooperation who explained about students’ organization and movements as well as volunteering in Great Britain and Germany where they are studying.

Conference “Dissemination of ideas of tolerance among the youth” on the 2nd November 2009


On the 2nd November 2009 the conference “Dissemination of ideas of tolerance among the youth” took place in the Moscow University of Design and Technology. At the work of the conference took part about 40 people who were representing civil society organisations and 20 universities of Moscow.

The participants of the conference found out that tolerance does not exist because of poverty, indifference or moral and ethic lack of culture. And namely the youth can change this situation. The participants agreed that the term “tolerance” has to mean not only “toleration”, but also respect to the otherness of another person. The national policy does not build on toleration, as Irina Gavrilova, Chairman of the Comission on Affairs of Nationalities and Migration Policy of the Public Council of Moscow, correctly observed.



Training “Using the potential of students to build tolerance among youths”, 24th – 25th October

In the guest house “Sunny Glade” from 24th – 25th October 2009 was carried out an educational seminar with the title “Using the potential of students to build tolerance among youths”. For the first time official representatives of the students were invited to participate in this seminar. Assistant Vice-Chancellors on educational work, heads of active students associations of twenty leading universities in Moscow gathered for the first time to exchange opinions about the reasons for the increasingly alarming situation with the strengthening extremist ideology in the youth’s minds.

In the discussion took part representatives of the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs responsible for countering youth extremism and extreme forms of manifestation of ethnic intolerance. In addition representatives of the Federal Agency on Youth Affairs participated in the seminar and described the activities aimed at building tolerance in the Year of the Youth in Russia. The educational seminar was attended by students from the universities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhniy Novgorod, and also by Valence Mineragena, Deputy Dean on the work with foreign students of State Electro-Technical University of St. Petersburg, an international expert on questions of tolerance building.



Summer school in Kondopoga (Karelia) from 26th-29th July 2009

On the shore of the picturesque lake Sandal, half an hour drive from the Karelian city Kondopoga, there has passed from 26th to 29th of June 2009 a summer youth school on tolerance. Forty persons were participating at the work of the school, basically pupils from senior classes in Kondopoga and other cities in Karelia. The Centre for Interethnic Cooperation and the Cultural Youth Centre from Kondopoga organized the summer school.



Participation at the Youth Forum Seliger 2009

On 4th of July The Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met in his residence near Moscow a group of young people who were the leaders of programs and projects that were presented on the All-Russian Forum “Seliger 2009”. Maxim Zhiljaev, head of the team of the Centre for Interethnic Cooperation in Seliger, was part of the group. President Medvedev and the young people took part in a television space bridge with participants of the Forum in Seliger.

In the team of the Centre for Interethnic Cooperation were people from Moscow, Astrakhan, Nizhniy Novgorod and Samara. Together with 5000 other young people, they took part in the project “Russia for everyone”.

According to the result of the Forum, the Federal Agency on Youth Affairs signed an Agreement on assistance and support of the project “Prevention of interethnic conflicts and diffusion of ideas of tolerance in the youth environment” with Maxim Zhiljaev.

Interregional conference in Anapa, 24th-27th June 2009

"The development of ideas of tolerance among youth" is the project that the Center for Interethnic Cooperation and UNITED, European network against xenophobia and discrimination, are already implementing for a number of years. In the frameworks of the implementation of this project a big interregional and international conference was organized from 24th t0 27th June 2009. The place for the conference - a small lack sea cost town of Anapa - was chosen on purpose for local hospitality, quantity of air flights and wonderful climate. We had a great number of guests. Participating in the conference were representatives Russia and Europe with a diverse national background.


 Training "Youth and Tolerance" in Samara, 17th to 19th May 2009

On May 17 -19 the Center for Interethnic Cooperation and the European network for international cooperation UNITED conducted the educational seminar "Youth and Tolerance" in the recreation center "Nadezhda" in Krasnoyarsk area, Samara region.

The training occurred as a part of a project "Making use of ethnic organizations in Russia in order to support the ideas of tolerance among the youth". In the sequel, the regions of Astrakhan, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Orenburg, Sverdlovsk, Yaroslavl and Krasnoyarsk area are also starting to take part in the already started initiatives. The project is funded by EU as a part of the EU-Russia cooperation agreement.



The team of the Center for Interethnic Cooperation participated in the youth business game SCO 2039 in Yekaterinburg

The Ural State Economic University from 13th to 14th May 2009 held an international youth business game "The SCO Summit 2039". Goal of the game was to simulate life on Earth in the middle of the XXI century, when those who are now over 20 will be the rulers over the world.

Within the framework of the international youth business game a number of interesting events have passed like the meeting of Heads of State of the SCO-2039 or the Discussion Club "Global Economic Space 2039: risks, trends and prospects of development".



Youth Festival in Kondopoga, 1st-3rd May 2009

The Cultural Youth Centre of Kondopoga (Karelia) and the Center for Interethnic Cooperation organized the youth festival "The City of The Young" from 1st to 3rd May. Around 80 high school students from Kondopoga, Petrozavodsk and other Karelian cities took part in this festival. The most remarkable thing of this festival was that all the organizational work and the conduction of it was done by the young members of the Cultural Youth Centre.

The festival started with the grand opening. The national anthem of Russia was played; the representatives of the city administration shared some thoughts about the Year of the Youth in our country. After the opening the participants have been divided into groups. During the coming three days the organizers were directing trainings sessions and practical labs on how to form tolerance among the youth, understanding of your social responsibilities towards those around you.




Participation at the Durban Review Conference in Geneva, 20th - 27th April 2009

The Center for Interethnic Cooperation took part at the UN conference dedicated to the confrontation of racism and xenophobia. The conference was held from 20th to 24th April 2009. Our organization was the only non-governmental organization representing Russia. On the 24th April, Viktoria Shukhat, staff member of the Center for Interethnic Cooperation, held a speech at the plenary meeting. In the speech, the evaluation of the results of the implementation of the Durban Declaration on the fight against racism and xenophobia were given. The text of the speech can be found on



Training Session "Youth and Tolerance", Novosibirsk, 21 March 2009

From 20th to 21st March 2009, a training session on the problems of xenophobia, racism and extremism among youth was held in Novosibirsk. The

Seminar conducted by the Centre for Interethnic Cooperation has brought together representatives of national youth movements and organizations of Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Irkutsk.

On 21st March Novosibirsk celebrated Navruz - traditional spring festival symbolising the beginning of a new year for Iranian, Caucasian and Turkish people. So that is how it all started - with a Saturday afternoon celebration. The residents and guests of Novosibirsk were brought together in The House of National Cultures named after Zavolokin, where artists of various nationalities prepared a festive concert.


The project “Use of the network of ethnic organizations of Russia” is funded by the European Commission, Institution Building Partnership Programme and the Mott Foundation

The Center for Interethnic Cooperation is responsible for material published on this site. They can not be regarded as an expression of the position of the European Union.

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