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Tuesday 07 February

Главная Information brochure of the project
Use of the network of ethnic organizations of Russia for the support of ideas of tolerance among the



A project of UNITED for Intercultural Action and Center for Interethnic Cooperation


In the last few years in Russia, manifestations of xenophobia and racial discrimination have enormously grown and have affected ethnic youth in a particularly harsh way. Civil society in Russia is not developed, all key decisions in the country are made by the state; opposition does not exist; legislative bodies, courts, media are mostly controlled by the authorities. Youth does not play a notable role in the society, youth organisations do not pay attention to the problem of human rights abuse, racism and xenophobia, to minorities' rights; activists of these organisations lack experience and professional skills and get no support from the state. The goal of the project is to exchange good practices between Russian and European NGO’s, to enable intercultural learning and to create mechanisms facilitating effective and regular interaction between activists of youth and ethnic organisations, journalists and local authorities to propagate a culture of tolerance among the youth in Russia. The project aims reinforce civil society, to promote active youth participation and a positive attitude towards cultural differences in Russia, to decrease xenophobic moods in the society, to establish network of youth NGO’s and to create a precedent of successful cooperation between youth NGO’s and local authorities.

Main activities:

  • Opening conference in Anapa.
  • Publishing UNITED training leaflets in Russian.
  • Creation and coordination of a Network of Youth Organisations of Russia
  • Trainings for young activists, representatives of local authorities and media in 8 regions of Russia
  • 2 educational visits to local projects in the Netherlands for selected representatives of youth NGO’s
  • Participation of selected representatives of youth NGO's in international UNITED conferences
  • Online information about the project, other activities and situation in Russia
  • 2 press conferences in each of the regions where the project takes place
  • Mass actions organised by local youth organisations in each of regions, o.a. in the frame of Europe-wide awareness-raising campaigns
  • Closing international conference in Moscow.


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UNITED for Intercultural Action

The project “Use of the network of ethnic organizations of Russia” is funded by the European Commission, Institution Building Partnership Programme and the Mott Foundation


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