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Monday 27 March

New project of the Center for Interethnic Cooperation for women-immigrants

For whom is the project intended?


The multinational composition of the Russian population is one of the key factors of the modern Russian society. According to the data of the Ministry of Internal Affair the number of immigrants in Russia reaches about 7 million people. Among them are approximately 30% women. Although the Russian law formally established gender equality, in reality every third woman in the country is exposed to discrimination on grounds of sex and ethnicity. The primary target group of the project is women from ethnic minorities and migrant communities.

The project is realized in seven pilot regions of Russia (Samara, Yekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, Krasnodar, Petrozavodsk, Astrakhan and Irkutsk).



Expected project results:


Improvement of professional skills and inclusion of target organizations on themes as:


  • Problems of women migrant communities

  • Assignment of more effective help towards the
  • Strengthening of intercultural understanding

  • Inclusion of female activism in the prospect of government programs and policies
  • Formation of interethnic union between ethnic NGOs, women’s associations and civil society

  • Dialogue with interested forces affecting the movement for the progress of social change

  • Opening of Points for the Help of Women “Femina” in seven regions of Russia




Why are these Points for the Help of Women necessary, what do they help?


The Points for the Help of Women help to solve problems of discrimination based on sex and ethnicity in Russia. Experts of the Points for the Help of Women successfully held trainings in Russia and abroad, many of them represent ethnic minorities themselves which enables them to understand the problems and help more profoundly and competently.


The Points for the Help of Women render assistance with:

  • Psychological help

  • Consultation on the legislation of the Russian Federation on themes as:

- Registration at the place of residence;

- Legalization and obtaining of permissions for work, temporary residence, residence, Russian citizenship;

- Administration responsibility, deportation, expulsion;

- Realizations and protection of social rights (right on migrant work, health care, housing, pensions);

  • Services on work orientation

  • Services of the Time Bank (participants of the Time Bank provied each other small services free of charge, the counted unit is the TIME that is spent)



The project is implemented by:


The Center for Interethnic Cooperation, Formaper and LEF-Italy (Italy), the Maltese Confederation of women organisations

The project is realized with the financial support of the European Union.

The following activities were carried out within the framework of the project:


  1. Meeting in the region of Moscow

19th till 22nd of September 2008. International Seminar “Support of women from national minorities”

  1. Poll (main results)

The questioning was carried out in all in the project participating regions, the results and problems turned out to be practically identical in all regions.

As an example, we present the results of questioning of Yekaterinburg, where appropriate, employees of our organization can send you the results for all regions by e-mail.


Results of the questioning in Yekaterinburg

  1. Training in St. Petersburg 25th February – 4th March 2009

What is discrimination based on gender and ethnicity? How to really help the oppressed parts of the population and how will it help to build a civil society in Russia? We discussed this at the seminar, which took place from 26 February to 4 March in St. Petersburg. The project, funded by the European Union, called «Building capacities and networks for immigrant and ethnic minority women: an integrated project to fight gender and ethnic discrimination in Russia».


  1. Study visits

From 10th to 16th of May 2009 was held a get-to-know visit of a group of Russian Women to the Republic of Malta within the framework of the project «Building capacities and networks for immigrant and ethnic minority women: an integrated project to fight gender and ethnic discrimination in Russia». Acquaintance with the work of women’s organizations took place - 14 organizations united in the Maltese confederation of women organizations (MCWO), Formaper (Milan, Italy) and the Center for Interethnic Organization (CIC, Moscow). In our delegation were participants of the project: Oksana Krivoshchekova (Irkutsk), Alla Georgizova (Krasnodar), Maria Nikolaeva (Ekaterinburg) and Vera Hevsurishvili (Petrozavodsk), as well as an employee of the Center for Interethnic Cooperation Evgenia Nazarova.

Read more about the visit to Malta


From 10th to 16th May two educational trips to Italy and Malta took place under the Russian-Italian project “Strengthening of the role of women-immigrants and women of ethnic minorities to overcome discrimination”. In this article I will tell you about Milan and the positive experiences the 12 participants of the project made in the field of overcoming discrimination because of signs of sex and ethnicity in different spheres of life.

Read more about the visit to Italy