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St. Petersburg Government Designates 78 Million Rubles to Fulfillment of the �Tolerance� Program

The St. Petersburg government is designating 78 million rubles to the fulfillment of the �Tolerance� program in 2008. On September 27, a representative from the Committee of External Affairs of St. Petersburg Alexander Prokhorenko shared this information at a conference concerning xenophobia, as reported by correspondent for the Business News Agency.

In 2007 54 million rubles were spent on the execution of this project. In the framework of the program this year approximately 400 events were carried out. In the words of Prokhorenko, special attention was constantly paid to work with youth.

One should note that the �Tolerance� program was accepted by the Petersburg government in 2006 and is calculated to continue for four years. It is developed for purposes of strengthening tolerance for interethnic relations in the city.

Source: Business News Agency

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