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�Human Rights, Democracy, Tolerance - Content and Methods of Education�

Presidential Commission for Human Rights of the Russian Federation, UNESCO Moscow Office, Moscow School of Human Rights, Federation of Peace and Conciliation, Russian State University for the Humanities 14th International Session Human Rights, Democracy, Tolerance - Content and Methods of Education December 13-17, 2004, Moscow

The annual Session is taking place within the framework of recommendations made by UN, UNESCO and Council of Europe in sphere of human rights education.

Secondary schools teachers, higher schools professors, instructors on social sciences, lecturers, managers of educational institutions, social workers, NGOs representatives working in sphere of human rights, civic, democracy and peace education are invited to take a part.

Famous specialists in the sphere of human rights, law, political science, pedagogy, etc., representing Russian and International organizations, take part in the Session.

The following problems will be discussed:

  1. Human rights and terrorism: what has the future?
  2. Intercultural, interethnic, interconfessional relations: conflicts or dialogue?
  3. Civic education - for the civil society;
  4. International actions: human rights, citizenship through education, tolerance;
  5. Human rights, democracy and non-violence education (tasks, content, methods of upbringing and teaching): Russian and foreign experience.

The participants of the Session will be invited to visit educational institutions of Moscow, governmental institutions and human rights NGOs to get acquainted with the work in these fields.

The working language of the Session is Russian. During the Session and at your free time (by escort) we will provide translation into English.

Training and literature stuff are free of charge for the participants. The registration fee is $50. Unfortunately we are not able to pay for your travel and stay in Russia.

We invite you, your colleagues and your organization to take part at the Session. You are welcome to propose the theme of your report.

Registration fee for foreign participants is 50 USD.

Please, find an application form at our website: http://www.mshr.ru/engl and http://ifpc.ru and send your application before November 15, 2004 at the following address:

E-mail: [email protected];
Tel/fax: +7 (095) 577 69 04, Moscow School of Human Rights

Director of the Moscow School of Human Rights Anatoly Azarov

Source: www.mshr.ru

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