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Valeriy Tishkov

About the manifestation of xenophobia and intolerance

If one says that only a small part of our population is intolerant and xenophobic, that�s not the truth.

According to my information, two or three hundred coffins are sent from Russia to Tajikistan alone, as a result of violent acts.

If there aren�t consistent applications of the Criminal Code and other policies punishing religious and ethnic violence, instead of the one or two occasional demonstrative processes, the situation in Russia will get increasingly worse.

There are multiple reasons for this extremism: first, native residents are occasionally not able to compete with immigrants for work and then use nationalistic rhetoric as an excuse to raid immigrants� market stalls, or incite further violence.

The second reason: Politicians don�t have the courage, God forbid, to advocate the protection of immigrants, �in order to consolidate their electorate�, which means creating a permanent group of inhabitants who will continue to be loyal to their officials.

The whole truth is that these immigrants being many benefits to our country: without them we cannot develop further.

About the author: Valeriy Tishkov is professor and director of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Source: hro.org

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