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Ludmila Alekseyeva

Xenophobia and Extremism in Russia

Extremism exists not because of some sort of relationship to xenophobia in Russia; extremism is fostered and gathers momentum at the top of society, if not from the direction of the president, then from irresponsible statements from officials on ethnic matters.

It has been said that Governor Tkachev from the Krasnodar region of Russia has said that only people with last names ending in �-ev� or �ov� may live in his region. Citizens with last names ending in �-dze� or �-shvili� may not live in this area. [Last names ending �-ev� and �-ov� denote traditional Russian ethnicity, while last names ending in �-dze� and �-shvili� typically indicate Georgian ethnicity.]

If this type of statement is allowed by the governor, what is being said by the average citizen?!

About the author: Ludmila Alekseivna is a human rights activist, chairwoman of the Moscow Helsinki Group, and president of the International Helsinki Federation on Human Rights.

Source: hro.org

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