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Meeting �No Terror� took place in the Armenian capital

On Tuesday in the Armenian capital the meeting �No Terror� took place. It was organized by the opposition bloc �Justice� to remember the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attack in the Armenian parliament. According to the organizers the meeting is dedicated to the protest against every terrorist attack, including September 11, 2001 in the USA, September 3, 2004 in Beslan and October 27, 1999 in Yerevan, when the Armenian Prime Minister, the president of parliament and several members of parliament were shot.

During the meeting the secretary of the bloc �Justice� Viktor Dallakian criticized the investigation of the terrorist attack. In particular he accused the Armenian president Robert Kocharian and the Defense Minister Serge Sarkisian. �Kocharian�s power was strengthened still more after October 27. There was no official investigation, and guilty persons, instead of being sentenced, still moved up the career ladder. Witnesses of the case �October 27� either emigrated or died under mysterious circumstances�, declared Dallakian, and added that �October 27, in a manner of speaking, was organized as a coup d�etat, due to which all power concentrated in the person of Kocherian and got a weapon for his aims�. He also noted that �the only way out the complicated situation and the only way to punish those who are responsible for the tragedy, is a change of government.

After the meeting representatives of the Armenian opposition and also about 1500 common citizens marched to the building of the National Assembly, where they placed wreathes at the memorial for the victims of the terroristic attack. Meanwhile this action, unlike the meeting, was not sanctioned by the local administration.



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