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Robbers pretend to be skinheads

In the night turning to Tuesday in the North East district of Moscow two attacks on immigrants from the Caucasus occurred. According to the police both crimes might have been committed by one and the same gang of ten young people. The victims were delivered to hospital with stab wounds. In both cases, the hooligans unmercifully beat the Caucasians, wounded them with knifes and robbed them. The criminals escaped.

Both of the victims are Muscovites. One of them is an emigrant from Armenia, the nationality of the second was not announced. It is not improbable that the attacks did not have an ethnic tinge, but were committed in order to rob the victims.

At present the law-enforcement agencies are searching for the young people and clarifying the motives.

In the recent past attacks on persons of non-slavic appearance committed out of intolerance have occurred more often. So, at night on September 18th skinheads unmercifully beat three persons in the Moscow metro. As �Gazeta.ru� wrote, a group of 50 skinheads attacked two Azerbaijanis and a Tajik in a wagon between the stations �Aeroport� and �Dinamo�. As a witness told to �Gazeta.ru� the young people entered the wagon at the station �Aeroport�. It was evident that they were not football fans, as no one of them had a symbol of a sports club. They rather looked like skinheads: trimmed heads, black jackets, �Grinder�s� boots. There was only one girl among them, and all were sober. They entered the wagon with baseball rackets in their hands, and when the doors were closed, attacked the Caucausians, crying out: �Cleansing starts!�

The passengers didn�t risk to help the victims but informed the driver about what was happening. The attack lasted three minutes, the time it took the train to reach the station �Dinamo�. The skinheads left the wagon and entered the next one.

The policemen who were patrolling the station inspected the site of crime and left without arresting the skinheads in the neighbor wagon. Later the police declared that the skinheads escaped from the site of crime.

Shortly after this an investigation was instituted concerning the �fight between young people and Caucasians�, and four of the attackers were even arrested. Due to the results the Moscow Office of public prosecutor was able to qualify the case as �Arousing ethnical hatred�, while it was only qualified as �hooliganism� in the beginning. The accused can be sentenced to prison from three to five years.


Source: Gazeta.ru

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