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Penza fascists committed a new attack

Sunday evening October 17th some people approached the building of the Synagogue located in the Gor�kiy Street. The clothing and the way of behaving of the 18-19-year-old youth gave their political predilection expressively away: shaved heads and heavy army boots.

They entered the building and clashed with the guard. They started a brawl. The young people tore placates of the wall, kicked the walls and started to demonstrate the strength of their boots, declaring that they were skinheads. After some minutes guests came up the stairs to help the guard.

They asked the lads politely what they want. That�s what they answered: �We want to have a look�. As a verbal skirmish started some more people came to help the guard.

The Skinheads looked around and went home: where they safely told their political views to an old lonesome man.

The scandal seemed to be settled.

After some time the skinheads decided to return. This time the conversation could be anticipated to become tougher: about 40 skinheads armed with chains and metal bludgeon approached the building

The people inside the Synagogue had to lock the door and call the police. This time the attackers didn�t manage to enter the building: the OMON bus with soldiers arrived in time. According to unproved information tree people were arrested.

As a reporter from �Penza-online� got to know, this was not the first attack on Jews by fascists in Penza. They try to raid the Synagogue with constancy and with different degrees of success.

The Nazis in Penza openly assemble close to the �Rostok�. In the city political propaganda can be observed: leaflets with fascist symbols are distributed and an Internet site is set up, which coordinates their actions.

In connection to this one would like to get an answer from authorities to the question: how can this be possible in our city?

Source: http://www.penza-online.ru

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