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The consequences of a thoughtless attitude towards ethnic issues will be the break-up of the state

The Center for Interethnic Cooperation carried out a poll on the issue �What will be the consequences of the state�s thoughtless attitude towards ethnic problems?� Leaders of ethnic associations and representatives of the Perm, Samara, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Sverdlovsk, Rostov (Don), Krasnodar and Stavropol regional administrations took part in the poll.

These are the results:

  1. Infringement of rights and freedoms of ethnic minorities
  2. Growth of extremism and nationalism
  3. Break-up of the state
  4. Lack in coordination
  5. Civil war in Russia
  6. Deterioration of relationships between ethnicities
  7. Spiritual degradation of Russian citizens
  8. Deterioration of relationships between ethnicities
  9. Unregulated migration policies
  10. Lack of investment appeal for foreign companies

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